Some account of the Tree family and its connections in England and America

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Josiah Granville Leach
Printed for private circulation by J.B. Lippincott company, 1908 - 105 pages
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Page 20 - ... that there be not at this time any action, suit, plaint, quarrel, or demand, moved or depending before any judge ecclesiastical or temporal, for or concerning any marriage contracted by or with either of you; and that the said marriage be openly solemnized in the church above...
Page 62 - BULLOCK. Upon which it was Ordered, That a letter be written to Messieurs Arthur Donnaldson and Levi Hollinsworth, in the following words, vizt: In Council, Philadelphia, October 27th, 1784. GENTLEMEN : — The certificate of the Wardens of the Port gives us great satisfaction, and we have drawn an order for the payment of the ballance due to you. We cannot deny ourselves the pleasure of expressing, upon this occasion, our sense of the attention and ingenuity exerted in removing the Chevaux de frize,...
Page 91 - Society for the relief of poor and distressed Masters of Ships, their Widows and Children...
Page 83 - I was compelled to pass within pistol -shot of a large body of the enemy, who were protected by a ditch and breastworks. This exposure of my command was entirely unavoidable in consequence of a deep ditch on my left, which was impossible to cross until I got very close to their line ; and I could not pause at that moment, as a very...
Page 21 - AB, then the said recognizance to be void, or else to stand in full force and virtue.
Page 61 - ... twenty-sixth instant, respecting the removal of the Chevaux de frize, was received and read, and is as follows, to wit : Port of Philadelphia, Warden's Office, October 26th, 1784. We' do certify that Messrs. Levi Hollinsworth, and Arthur Donnaldson, have not only removed the destroyed forty-nine Chevaux de frize, but from the reports, employed in sweeping the bed of the river in the neighborhood of Mud Island and Billingsport, we have reason to believe that they also removed all the frames that...
Page 20 - First, that there shall not afterwards appear any lawful let or impediment by reason of any pre-contract, consanguinity, affinity, or any other lawful means whatsoever.
Page 20 - The Condition of this Obligation is such, that if hereafter there shall not appear any lawful Let or Impediment, by Reason of any Pre-Contract entered into before the Twenty-fifth Day of March, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty-four, Consanguinity, Affinity, or any other lawful Means whatsoever, but that the above bounden William.
Page 86 - ... 1915, when he was chairman of the Committee on Incorporations and a member of the Committee on Revision of the Statutes, and in 1917, when he was a member of the Judiciary Committee and chairman of the Belknap county delegation. Mr. Wright is married; has one son; is a Mason, a Patron of Husbandry and a member of the Society of Sons of the American Revolution. Alike as a lawyer and as a legislator, he is distinguished by the close and careful attention which he gives to the matters demanding...
Page 62 - Chevaux de frize, and of the very great service thereby rendered to our fellow citizens. I am with much respect, gentlemen, your obedient and very humble servant, JOHN DICKINSON. Messrs. Arthur Donnaldson and Levi Hollinsworth. Ordered, That the foregoing certificate from the Wardens of the Port of Philadelphia, and letter to Messieurs Arthur Donnaldson, and Levi Hollinsworth, be published.

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