Some historical considerations relating to the declaration on kneeling, appended to the communion office of the English Book of common prayer, 第 46 卷

Joseph Masters, 1863 - 454 頁

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Summary of preceding Writings Disputations Conversations
67 line 3 from bottom for organicas read organical
71 line 20 for vol read fol
Cranmers reasons for Kneeling no proof that he did not hold the Real
Parker and Grindal wished to secure Reverenceordered Wafer Bread
Proceedings in 1559 at the review of the 42 Articlesunder Elizabeth
Moderation of the Article Vehemence of the Trent Decree
of a systematic arrangement of the Postscript which forms the bulk
The Chancellor Goodrick Bishop of Ely not likely to have been opposed
Knox approved and signed Articles of 1552 at the time he objected
volved in Transubstantiation Cranmers Letter corrects Dr Cardwells supposed Royal Authority of
120 line 11 for if by is meant read if by this is meant
Incidental proof from Foxes Note on Weston that the Doctrine of
The Rubric of 1662 probably traceable to this
128 Note line 4 for prace read peace and line 6 for Corp read
142 line 4 for given read give
145 line 6 for kind read principle
Omission of the Paragraphthe Declaration in Art xxix 1571
But there is evidence that the Declaration continued to be published
Doubt thrown by Mr Goode on the value of that Letter in producing
201 line 8 from bottom insert to after papist
Mr Goodes remarks upon the Letter of 1566 not supported as
the Hon G F Boyle of Cumbrae for much pains most kindly
218 Note after Lambeth Library add nor yet at C C College Cam bridge

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