Songs of the Cattle Trail and Cow Camp

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Macmillan, 1919 - Ballads - 189 pages
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Page 26 - The cattle gained on us, and, just as I felt For my old six-shooter behind in my belt, Down came the mustang, and down came we, Clinging together, and— what was the rest— A body that spread itself on my breast.
Page 26 - Then came thunder in my ears, As over us surged the sea of steers, Blows that beat blood into my eyes, And when I could rise— Lasca was dead! I gouged out a grave a few feet deep, And there in Earth's arms I laid her to sleep; And there she is lying, and no one knows, And the summer shines and the winter snows; For many a day the flowers have spread A pall of petals over her head; And the little gray hawk hangs aloft in the air, And the...
Page 23 - Little knew she of books or creeds; An Maria sufficed her needs; Little she cared, save to be by my side, To ride with me, and ever to ride, From San Saba's shore to Lavaca's tide. She was as bold as the billows that beat, She was as wild as the breezes that blow; From her little head to her little feet She was swayed, in her suppleness, to and fro By each gust of passion; a sapling pine, That...
Page 1 - OUT WHERE THE WEST BEGINS OUT where the handclasp's a little stronger, Out where the smile dwells a little longer, That's where the West begins...
Page 26 - Into the rift of a cottonwood tree; And the buzzard sails on, And comes and is gone, Stately and still, like a ship at sea. And I wonder why I do not care For the things that are, like the things that were. Does half my heart lie buried there j In Texas, down by the Rio Grande?
Page 25 - That the Texas norther comes sudden and soon, In the dead of night or the blaze of noon; That once let the herd at its breath take fright, Nothing on earth can stop the flight; And woe to the rider, and woe to the steed, Who falls in front of their mad stampede! Was that thunder?
Page 41 - The mother started and shivered, But trouble and want were near ; She lifted her baby gently, " You'll be very careful, dear ? " "Careful ? You foolish darling," — How tenderly it was said ! What a smile shone through the chalk and paint," I love each hair of his head ! " The noise rose into an uproar, Misrule for the time was king ; The clown, with a foolish chuckle, Bolted into the ring. But as, with a squeak and a flourish, The fiddles closed their tune, "You'll hold him as if he was made of...
Page 24 - From her little head to her little feet She was swayed in her suppleness to and fro By each gust of passion; a sapling pine, That grows on the edge of a Kansas bluff, And wars with the wind when the weather is rough, Is like this Lasca, this love of mine.
Page 24 - I might eat, Would take the bitter and leave me the sweet; But once, when I made her jealous for fun, At something I'd whispered, or looked, or done, One Sunday, in San Antonio, To a glorious girl on the Alamo, She drew from her garter a dear little dagger, And— sting of a wasp!— it made me stagger! An inch to the left, or an inch to the right, And I shouldn't be maundering here tonight...
Page 43 - I tell you, those cheers were meant, And the way in which they were given Was enough to raise the tent. And then there was sudden silence, And a gruff old miner said, " Come, boys, enough of this rumpus ! It's time it was put to bed.

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