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AuthorHouse, Mar 12, 2010 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 184 pages
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'Soul Chants' is a diverse selection of discourses of esotericisms, which covers life from the soul, as it travels through the garden of life’s thorns, from the seed to the pod. Spiritual and philosophical, these discourses capture profoundness with soul searching topics that every soul should feel, and relate to, as it passes through the waterfall of its own awakening, from birth to death. This Northern Irish prophetic medium, ‘Adrian mc Grath’ utilizes his metaphysical awareness to enwrap himself, within these discourses, as they touch the basis of the soul, "especially the question and answer session" due to the form and depth of conveyance. As the dictation of structure touches your inner essence, you become enveloped within the flow, as a new world of inner vision opens up, and it leads you on a path of inner connection. As you become wrapped within these words of ancient, thought provoking discourses, where the beauty of the spirit is actually felt, allowing one to look within. As the soul finds it's rose, alongside the thorn’s of life, as petals unfold to the beauty of you.

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A Northern Irish Prophetic Medium, who encapsulates the essence of the soul and spirit, as it's interwoven into our daily connection of life. Adrian's, a quiet gentle soul whose essence exudes an element of peace, a modern day seer of souls, from his inner communion of thoughts and voices, as life through Adrian's eyes, touches the essence of life within each of us. His character is somewhat reserved, combined with a great inner focus of the true spirit within all of humanity, and its this drive to connect with people on a wider spectrum, that created this book. Allowing the power of words from a soul, to touch the essence and purity of life, as he reflects on this shore we walk together, beneath the sunlight and shadows of dusty mountains. His sincerity and strength touches something special within you, as he allows us into his soul, and vision of life. Awakening a deeper reflection beyond our eyes, as he stretches the mind to look within, and beyond life. For life is very prominent, in and around Adrian, as he works as a Paramedic in his day job, where the harshness of life is seen on a daily basis, although beauty of new life balances that mix of trauma. He expresses his soul, like that of a poet seer, awakening that inner purity and connection we all have to life, within the elements around us, incorporating that communication of spirit survival, from beyond the veil. The photographs included within this book, where taken by Adrian, that is another passion, 'nature photography.' He was granted the Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society (LRPS) for nature in 2007. His one hope, that one can learn and understand a little more about ones soul, 'as you're a witness to your own soul.'

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