South of Eden

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Booktango, May 1, 2012 - Drama
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While this book is fictional, much of the content is based on facts obtained from the ancient book of Enoch, the Holy Bible and other documents that were passed down from generation to generation by our ancient ancestors. It starts with Jared, {the sixth great grandson of Adam and Eve} and takes the reader through the daily lives of Jared and his son Enoch’s clan as they forge their way through the everyday hardships, dangers, romances, and Angelic encounters required just to survive during the Antediluvian {pre-flood} period at the dawn of humanity. The scriptures go on to explain that Almighty God appointed Angles {“which translates to “watchers” or “messengers,” in ancient text} to observe mankind at an early time in history. By the time of Jared many of the {watchers} or Sons of God as they were called had become corrupt. They were taking wives from among the mortals and their evil unions were producing great hybrid giants, along with many other grotesque mutations. While the Holy Bible references this in the book of Genesis, the book of Enoch goes far more into detail as to the atrocities and transgressions of that time. To this day many of the authorities still consider Enoch’s contribution to be little more than folklore, but with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947, {and copies of Enoch’s work among them} it leaves little doubt that a great patriarch and servant of God was deliberately neglected by the scholars at a time when ideology was prevalent. Enoch was the Son of Jared, or seventh in linage from God’s creation of Adam. Adam was 687 years old when Enoch was born, and Adam lived during 265 years of Enoch’s life on earth. Enoch was also the father of Methuselah, {who lived to be the oldest person to ever live on earth, dying the same year as Noah’s flood}. Enoch was also the great grandfather of Noah, and was very highly regarded as a leader of his people during near impossible times. He was instrumental in keeping his people loyal to God and teaching them honorable behavior and even enacted laws to keep them in line. He also wrote many scrolls about past and future events to come, as revealed to him by Almighty God. Many of his predictions later appeared in St. John’s Book of Revelations but with no reference linking them to Enoch in any way. He held a very favorable place with God due to his loyalty and devotion, and was also the First of only Two people born on earth that did a mortal death, but to be Taken from earth in Mortal form by God, {The other was the profit, Elijah} who later was transfigured and returned as John the Baptist, at the time of Christ. This narration continues through the daily lives and events of Enoch’s clan until finally concluding with Enoch being taken from earth in mortal form by Almighty God. While the purpose for Enoch being taken from earth in such an unusual manner remains a mystery to this day, this narration offers a very plausible explanation that could answer an even greater mystery in the scriptures that continues to trouble readers even to this day.

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