Southern Journal of the Medical Sciences, Volume 2

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Erasmus Darwin Fenner, Daniel Warren Brickell
1867 - Medicine

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Page 280 - The instruction in the three series is to be given simultaneously, and to continue throughout the whole of each annual College term ; each student attending the lectures on such branches as belong to his period of progress in study, in the same manner as the sophomore, junior and senior classes, each pursue their studies simultaneously throughout the Collegiate year in all our Literary Colleges.
Page 561 - THE PHYSIOLOGY OF MAN. Designed to represent the Existing State of Physiological Science as applied to the Functions of the Human Body.
Page 134 - But from a very large' verbal and written correspondence in this and other States, together with personal investigation and facts accumulated, I am convinced that we have become a nation of murderers.
Page 113 - I am firmly persuaded, by my own observation, and by the records of medicine, that there are waves of time through which the sthenic and the asthenia characters of disease prevail in succession, and that we are at present living in one of its adynamic phases" (Edinburgh Monthly Journal, June, 1857).
Page 552 - I stated, at the end of my former paper, my belief that in " strychnine we possess a drug which will always control the excitability of themedulla oblongata, and restrain the attacks of convulsion.
Page 490 - the skin presents a bloodless, almost semi-transparent, and waxy appearance. When this is associated with mere pallor it is not very unlike fine polished ivory, but when combined with a more sallow tinge, as is now and then the case, it more resembles a common wax model. To the touch, the general integuments, for the most part, feel smooth, loose, and often flabby ; whilst in some well-marked cases all its natural asperities would appear to be obliterated, and it becomes so exquisitely smooth and...
Page 559 - II. The Society shall carry out its objects by a succession of publications, of which the following shall be the chief : — 1. Translations of Foreign Works, Papers, and Essays of merit, to be reproduced as early as practicable after their original issue...
Page 281 - Colleges in this country, and solicit their definite action thereon, with a view to the early and simultaneous practical adoption of the same throughout the whole country. And that the same committee be authorized to call another convention...
Page 281 - Resolved 5th. That every medical college should immediately adopt some effectual method of ascertaining the actual 'attendance of students upon its lectures and other exercises, and at the close of each session of the attendance of the student a certificate, specifying the time and the courses of instruction actually attended, should be given, and such certificate only should be received by other colleges as evidence of such attendance.

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