Southern Practitioner: An Independent Monthly Journal Devoted to Medicine and Surgery, Volume 11, Issues 5-8; Volume 11, Issue 10; Volume 11, Issue 12

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Page 266 - A CLINICAL ATLAS OF VENEREAL AND SKIN DISEASES. Including Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment. In eight large folio parts, measuring 14 x 18 inches, and comprising 213 beautiful figures on 58 full-page chromo-lithographic plates, 85 fine engravings, and 425 pages of text Complete work now ready. Price per part, sewed in heavy embossed paper, $2.50.
Page 248 - COLDEN'S LIQUID BEEF TONIC may become familiar with it, we will upon application send a sample bottle free (express charges paid), to any Physician in the United States. Please ask your Dispensing Druggist (if he has not already a supply) to order it. In prescribing this preparation physicians should be particular to mention <4 COLDEN'S," viz.. " Ext. Carnls Fl. Comp. (Colden).
Page 249 - The curve of the bougie is short ; large curves are iristakes. 8. The plates must be immersed in the fluid before the electrodes are placed on the patient, and raised again after the electrodes have been removed. 9. All operations must begin and end while the battery is at zero, increasing and decreasing the current slowly and gradually by one cell at a time, avoiding any shock to the patient. 10. Before operating, the susceptibility of the patient to the electric current should be ascertained.

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