Sowing and Reaping

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Sowing and Reaping is D. L. Moody's inspirational guide to Christian virtue, reminding readers that practicing kindness and good deeds results in good consequences in the future.

The foremost idea of this devotional book is to tell the reader that virtue never goes unnoticed, and neither does vice. Through deeds, words and actions every day humans affect a difference upon the Earth. The notion that one can hoodwink God and escape this immutable law is scorned by Moody in the opening chapter - all-seeing and all-knowing, the Lord will not be led astray by mortal cunning.

Principles of reaping and sewing are investigated in this book; one can sew good or evil in one's life, and can make spiritual and other gains from honest, kind actions. Such purehearted character will be rewarded in the days, months or years ahead. Conversely, the misdeeds and wrongs committed against others will result in one reaping only misfortune and calamity along the line.

Moody also discusses the Christian principles of forgiveness and repentance - an evil doer can mitigate the affects of his actions by seeking forgiveness from his peers and the Lord. Proving this reversal is honest, the sinner must commence to sow goodness from there on. Finally, the author discusses the principle of warning; telling others to avoid doing something wrong, that they do not reap the consequences in future, is a valuable kindness in itself.

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