"Speaking of operations--"

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George H. Doran Company, 1915 - American wit and humor - 64 pages

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Page 46 - white expanse that swung and swam before my languid gaze? No, it could not be — it did not smell like heaven. It smelled like a hospital. It was a hospital. It was my hospital. My nurse was bending over me and I caught a faint whiff of the starch in the front of her crisp blue blouse. She was two-headed for the
Page 14 - Speaking of operations you say, just like that, even though nobody present has spoken of them; and then you are off, with your new acquaintance sitting on the edge of his chair, or hers as the case may be and so frequently is, with hands clutched
Page 46 - the roof of a greenhouse back of the parsonage, next door. We crashed through it with a perfectly terrific clatter of breaking glass and landed in a bed of white flowers, all soft and downy, like feathers. And then Doctor Z stood up and combed the
Page 63 - by a hen that was severely upset at the time. Hereafter when the junket is passed round somebody else may have my share. I'll stick to the mince pie
Page 22 - I realized that I was nearing the presence of one highly distinguished in his profession. A pussy-footed male attendant, in a livery that made him look like a cross between a
Page 38 - one of my most prominent plane surfaces. I must confess I enjoyed that part of it. So far as I am able to recall, it was the only shave I have ever had where the operator did not spray me
Page 55 - suffers from the same drawbacks in a social way, but the advantage to the
Page 28 - Friday at"—he glanced toward a scribbled pad of engagement dates at his elbow—"Friday at seven AM
Page 48 - the dragging hours away, I could count the cracks in the ceiling and read my temperature chart, which was a good deal like Red Ames' batting average for the past season —ranging from ninety-nine to one hundred and four. Also, through daily conversations with my nurse and with the surgeons who dropped in from time to time to have a look at me, I learned, as I lay there, a great deal about the medical

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