Special Agents Series, 第 180 期

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1919
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第 313 頁 - Government, every half-year on the first day of June and the first day of December.
第 130 頁 - If at any time the Chinese should form schemes for the development of Shantung, for the execution of which it is necessary to obtain foreign capital, the Chinese Government, or whatever Chinese may be interested in such schemes, shall, in the first instance, apply to German capitalists.
第 279 頁 - For all transit conveyance of passengers and goods, as also for the transmission of telegrams, there will be established by agreement of the Company with the Russian Government for the whole term of duration of the concession (II) maximum tariffs, which cannot be raised without the consent of the Russian Government during the whole term above referred to. Within these limits the tariffs of direct communication both for railway carriage and telegrams will be fixed by the Board of Management of the...
第 314 頁 - General and of his seal of office, in order to dispense with the necessity of signing them all in person. But the Chinese Minister in London shall previous to the issue of any bonds, put his seal upon each bond with a facsimile of his signature, as a proof that the issue and sale of the bonds are duly...
第 278 頁 - The Company shall be recognized as formed on the presentation to the Minister of Finances of a warrant of the State Bank certifying the payment of the first instalment on the shares. In any case such payment must be made not later than two months from the day of confirmation of the present Statutes.
第 296 頁 - ... lines, for a distance to be determined. In the event of default or arrears in payment of interest or repayments of principal, the said railway lines and mines shall be handed over to representatives deputed by the Syndicate, to manage them on their behalf, until principal and interest of the loan are redeemed in full, when the management will revert to the Railway Administration.
第 279 頁 - In regard to the place of acquisition of materials for the requirements of the railway, the Company shall not be liable to any limitations. If materials be obtained beyond the confines of Russia, they shall, on importation through Russian territory, be freed from payment of Russian customs duties.
第 279 頁 - Chinese seaport customhouses. (d) If goods imported by the railway are destined for conveyance inland they shall in such case be subject to payment of transit duty to the extent of one-half of the import duty levied on them, and they shall then be exempted from any additional imposts. Goods which shall not have paid transit duty shall be liable to payment of all established internal carrier and tits-zin dues.
第 326 頁 - If during the time of construction the net proceeds of the present loan with accrued interest, should, after deduction of the sums necessary for the service of interest on the loan, not be sufficient to complete the construction and equipment of the railway line, the amount of deficiency shall be provided, in the first place, from such Chinese funds as may be available, so as to permit of the uninterrupted continuance of the work of construction...
第 296 頁 - China, and in the event of default in payment of interest or repayment of principal at due date, the Corporation shall immediately notify the Imperial Government of China thereof, and the Imperial Government of China will thereupon provide the funds necessary to meet such payment in sterling in London. In the event of the Imperial Government of China being unable to provide the funds necessary to meet a payment of interest or principal when called upon by the Corporation to do so in terms of this...