Specifications for Descriptions of Tracts of Land for Use in Land Orders and Proclamations

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Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, 1979 - Public lands - 26 pages

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Page 2 - USC 253a). and as President of the United States, I hereby prescribe the following regulations relating to the medical care of certain retired personnel of the Coast and Geodetic Survey and dependents of Coast and Geodetic Survey ships' officers and crew members, both active and retired.
Page 5 - On and after the effective date of this Act the Secretary is authorized to make, modify, extend, or revoke withdrawals but only in accordance with the provisions and limitations of this section.
Page 3 - Proclamations calling for the observance of special days or events. Except as may be otherwise provided by law, responsibility for the preparation and presentation of proposed proclamations calling for the observance of special days, or other periods of time, or events shall be assigned by the Director of the Bureau of the Budget to such agencies as he may consider appropriate.
Page 2 - Section 1 of this order and is free from typographical or clerical error, the Director of the Office of the Federal Register shall transmit it and three copies thereof to the President (e) If the proposed Executive order or proclamation is disapproved by the Director of the Bureau of the Budget...
Page 2 - Budget, together with a letter, signed by the head or other properly authorized officer of the originating Federal agency, explaining the nature, purpose, background, and effect of the proposed Executive order or proclamation and its relationship, if any, to pertinent laws and other Executive orders or proclamations. (b) If the Director of the...
Page 2 - Executive order or proclamation, he shall transmit it to the Attorney General for his consideration as to both form and legality.
Page 4 - ... is disapproved by the Director of the Bureau of the Budget or by the Attorney General, it shall not thereafter be presented to the President unless it is accompanied by a statement of the reasons for such disapproval.
Page 6 - It is a well settled principle that when lands are granted according to an official plat of the survey of such lands, the plat itself, with all its notes, lines, descriptions and landmarks, becomes as much a part of the grant or deed by which they are conveyed, and controls so far as limits are concerned, as if such descriptive features were written out upon the face of the deed or the grant itself.
Page 4 - IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this day of , in the year of our Lord , and of the Independence of the United States of America the 19.2 Routing and approval of drafts.

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