Speech Delivered Before the Overseers of Harvard College, February 3, 1825: In Behalf of the Resident Instructers of the College. With an Introduction

Cummings, Hilliard, & Company, 1825 - 35 páginas

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Página 32 - of Saturday, Feb. 5th. Resolved : That it does not appear to this Board, that the resident instructors at Harvard University have any exclusive right to be elected members of the Corporation. Resolved: That it does not appear to this Board, that the members of the Corporation forfeit their offices by not residing at the college.
Página 3 - 1823, the gentleman who has just addressed you, Professor Everett, was led to some inquiries respecting the early history of the college. In pursuing these inquiries, he was brought to the conclusion, which, I must profess, that to my mind he has fully established, that residence was originally a qualification for fellowship; and that conformably to
Página 32 - Resolved: That it does not appear to this Board, that the members of the Corporation forfeit their offices by not residing at the college. Mr Gray, of the Senate, addressed the Board in support of the resolutions, and
Página 14 - The ground of controversy, then, whatever now remains, is much less than it may originally have appeared. The essential principle for which the resident officers have contended, the essential principle involved in their memorial, may be considered as almost conceded. If this principle had been fully and explicitly recognised by the body whom
Página 14 - have the honour to address, I certainly should not have appeared in this place. But it has not been. On the contrary, a report has been adopted, offered the last year by the committee, of which the Hon. Judge Story was chairman, which is inconsistent with the principle maintained, namely, that the internal management of the college should be committed, in the first instance, to the resident officers.
Página iv - on account of the character of their offices, or from some other particular considerations, are not members. The duties of the members of this body, collectively and individually, are simply to carry into effect the laws of the Corporation respecting instruction and discipline. It is of the
Página x - non-resident members of the Corporation, should not be removed by said order. The contest between the Governor and House of Assembly respecting this proviso, finally prevented the order from being enacted ; though the House of Assembly unanimously passed the same resolution again, the next year. The preceding statement shows in what manwere] were willing to have the college taken out of Dr Mather's hands. To accomplish it, they obtained a
Página 32 - it is not expedient to express any opinion on the subject of future elections.
Página 27 - allowed me for preparation; for the whole subject is one of such importance, that no man ought to speak upon it without weighing his words; and I must likewise regard the time, during which I may reasonably ask for the attention of your Reverend and Honorable Body. I will touch upon them, therefore, very briefly.
Página 31 - evils exist, there is always a disposition to criminate individuals. It is the fault of narrow-minded men, and perhaps even of some who are not narrow-minded, to be disposed to make some person or some body of men, the object of censure. But if any good is to result from these discussions respecting the state

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