Spell of the Andes

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iUniverse, Jun 10, 2005 - Poetry
With the poetic skill of Cesar Vallejo, and handiness of Ricardo Palma, Siluk produces a Peruvian background in a most favorable way. His vantage point, like the poet Par Lagerkvist, is rich with humanism. Thus, the Laureate Poet Dennis Siluk (awarded the title of the most favored writer for the Eldritch Dark Magazine, 2004 ((readership of some 2.2-million ((and l982, Pulitzer Entry)): his vantage point centers on the exploration and social identity of Peruvianism, for the most part; along with a twelve part poem on Vietnam.

"In great poets we often find calmness and undisturbed beauty, a serenity and clarity." says acclaimed international poet Robert Bly, whom the author has had some correspondence with, and has met, and respects

... says Mr. Siluk, 'Some poetry comes from our imagination and passion, like dreams that need daylight for them to be opened up; as did the Andes, Mantaro Valley, along with Huancayo and Lima, Peru, become the seeds for me in writing this new book, "Spell of the Andes;" which opened my imagination and passion up." Mr. Siluk once told me, 'First you've heard of it, then you see it, then it becomes part of you"; and this book sure did become part of him.

Rosa Pe aloza

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