Spinal Concussion: Surgically Considered as a Cause ... Erichsen's Disease as One Form of the Traumatic Neuroses

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Page 200 - of the sympathetic with the cranial nerves is as follows:— "With the first nerve, only indirectly through the nasal branch of the ophthalmic nerve (of the first division of the fifth), which nerve is joined by filaments from the cavernous plexus of the sympathetic. "With the second nerve, the optic, perhaps by a
Page 195 - a moment, be put in a state of extreme tension, because, as they pass through the intervertebral foramina, they are fixed there by the dura mater ; and, if the spinal marrow be dragged from them, the intermediate parts must necessarily be put upon the stretch, producing at the same time the 'pins and .needles

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