Spiritual Champion

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Createspace Independent Pub, 6 жовт. 2011 р. - 210 стор.
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All of us have an internal desire to connect with something that brings greater significance to our life. When we consider the complexity of our bodies and the indefinable nature of love, even the most atheistic individuals must realize that a special creator is at work. However, in spite of this strong evidence, many have difficulty internalizing a real and lasting relationship with that creator. Many question the "teachings" of modern religions. Often people just drift away ignoring the obvious and losing any chance for a more highly driven spiritual life. You may have a strong purpose in your life but still lack the feeling of life's joy that comes from being on a journey with God. This book contains a process that many have said helped them build a more intense relationship with God based on their own true feelings rather than as directed by others. In this book, you will have the opportunity to build a framework for your faith through discovery upon which you will develop a framework for your future spiritual direction. You will determine the partners you must have with you on your spiritual journey. You will also learn to develop the personal life power that will sustain you on this important journey in this life. Through this program, you will learn what you need to do to be the spiritual champion of your life. You will learn to be more tolerant of others beliefs and use your faith and belief in positive ways to others connect more directly with God. Being in a spiritual champion is not about requiring others to be in your race, but it is about running your spiritual race in a way that brings the crowds to you. It is not about convincing others to follow you, but about conceiving a new way of helping them develop the desires to be more spiritually attuned to God.

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Про автора (2011)

Through my life, God has nudged me when I needed a push and nurtured me when I needed that help. God helped me believe in the impossible and understand how to remove the barriers that stood in my way. For example, He helped guide me in starting a phonograph record company in 1958 while I was still a sophomore in high school. He helped guide me to take a correspondence course in electronics while still attending college in order to have an additional vocation that would earn money for me while I attended college that would later give me the opportunity to teach young people in that field. God has also blessed me in my professional career. I have had a professional career that includes now over forty years in a broad range of fields including technology, education, government, as well as commercial and public broadcasting. I have had the rare opportunities to be president of Iowa Public Television, chancellor of a university, serve on two governor's cabinets, write material for congress and develop a paper that was delivered to the cabinet of the former Soviet Union. I also have had the opportunity to start several companies and have provided consulting programs and services with both profit and not-for-profit organizations. My greatest joy comes from helping individuals through this Champion Series which includes this book, Living as a Champion, Champion Health and 21st Century Tribal Boundaries. So many times, I found that if I would just listen carefully not with my ears but with my heart, God would fill it with all the answers I ever needed.

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