Spiritual Energy

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Authors On Line Ltd, 2004 - Religion - 328 pages
The New Testament contains these diverse statements: 1) God is Spirit. 2) God is Love. 3) Love is a 'Fruit of the Holy Spirit', amongst many others. 4) The Spirit of God (the Holy Spirit) is Seven Spirits or a Sevenfold Spirit. Simon Lee has spent the last twenty years pondering these issues and the following resulting questions, which this book tries to answer in full: - 1) Love then is a Spirit, and according to Shakespeare a 'many-splendoured thing'. Can we attempt to summarise Love so rich in artistic descriptions by thousands of poets, singers, writers and playwrights and other Spirits, in simple terms? 2) What are the other Six Spirits? Can we decide what they are? 3) The Bible often describes The Spirit as resembling a Tree or Fountain. How do the Seven Spirits co-exist in this apparently perfectly scientific description of their structure? Can we describe this structure, especially visualise it? 4) Modern Science, especially physics, claims to be close to a scientific Theory of Everything. There are certain holes in this theory. Science ignores the spiritual and artistic in life. Do the latter in fact need to be called upon to 'fill the scientific holes'? scientific camps', the ' NUMBERS of things' involved must precisely match, i.e. the quantities of 'spiritual essences used to fill holes in science' must be precisely correct. Are they? 6) Do other Holy Books in other Faiths back up these notions about a Set of Holy Spirits going together to make up the Spirit of God? 7) Clearly the Spirit of God has enemies trying to supplant or replace spiritual with secular 'things'. Is the rising main enemy of the Holy Spirit today, Information Technology? Twenty years of thinking and research goes into Simon Lee's claim that this book provides a resounding, convincingly argued answer of 'YES ' to all seven of these questions. It is therefore an 'analysis of Spirit' i.e. of God as a Spirit Being

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