Spiritual Thoughts for the Secret Freethinker: Yes! There Is Life After Dogma

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iUniverse, Nov 17, 2010 - Self-Help

If in your experience you have recognized the need for a spiritual life that is invigorating and also one that strengthens and supports you in your everyday life, here is a book that may expand your journey. The ideas and experiences that have been rewarding to the author's life may help to enhance and open yours.

The certainty associated with all belief systems is the foe of personal expansion. If we are to be fully human and experience the exultation of open ended spirituality, we have to find ways to open ourselves and our spiritual understandings to more profound possibilities of life. Life enhancement can come from any source, any relationship, time, place, encounter, event, book. There are no limitations. Dogmas to the contrary, the universe has chosen no exclusive means of revelation. What is required is the recognition of possibility and keeping oneself open, expectant, and available to receive - or give.

Mr. Roberson's explorations of various philosophers, writers, religionists, humanists, and others has illuminated myriad other ways to view life and develop individually the spirit already embedded in our humanity. This book is an attempt to stimulate helpful thought, introspection, and the spiritual journey without the artificial confinements of finalized doctrine. "The greatest gift we have to give is the gift of ourselves."

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