Sport and Oral Health: A Concise Guide

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Springer, 8. 5. 2017 - 160 strán (strany)
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This book aims to explore the intricate interrelationship between oral health and sport, with the focus on highly popular team games, endurance sports, and explosive events. In order to understand the vulnerability of athletes of all levels of ability to oral health problems, relevant aspects of sports physiology and training are outlined, as are the predisposing behavioral, psychological, and physiological elements. Specific sports-related oral risk factors are identified and detailed, and the dental conditions frequently observed in athletes are explained. The dental clinical reality of athletes reveals a wide spectrum of oral consequences, affecting both soft and hard tissues, that can adversely impact on training and competitiveness. Principles of dental management are highlighted, and therapeutic solutions provided for the most common dental lesions. Emphasis is placed on preventative measures and solutions adapted to the athlete’s individual needs, as well as the importance of effective collaboration with a diverse team of professionals. The book will be of interest to dentists, health professionals, sports coaches, athletes, and teachers and students of dentistry and medical disciplines.


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Oral Health and SportsRelated Risks
Clinical Reality Physiological Processes and Oral Health
Dental Management and Care of Athletic Patients
Table of Illustrations
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Jean-Christophe Egea, DDS, PhD, HDR, is a certified specialist in Orthodontics who combines private practice with part-time hospital practice in the Odontology Service of CHU de Montpellier in France. He is Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer in Physiology and Sport Dentistry in the Odontology Faculty at University of Montpellier and also undertakes work as a researcher in the Biohealth and Nanoscience Laboratory at the University of Montpellier. In 2014 he received his Habilitation to lead research activities from the University of Montpellier. Dr. Egea’s clinical work has included the dental management of professional rugby and volleyball players, while his research interests have encompassed clinical occlusion among top athletes, biomaterials in orthopedics, and saliva. He has published a number of articles in international peer-reviewed journals.
Siobhan Budd, DDS, completed her qualification as Doctor of Dental Surgery at the Faculty of Dental Surgery, University of Montpellier, in 2015. She holds previous qualifications including a Degree in Geography from the University of Exeter, UK (1998) and a Master’s in Architecture from the University of Greenwich in London (2002). Her dental interests and activities focus especially on Physiology and Sport Dentistry. Since 2015 she has also been a researcher in the Biohealth and Nanoscience Laboratory at the University of Montpellier, where she is conducting clinical research on occlusion among top-level athletes. She has herself been a top-level athlete at middle distance events.

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