Sporting Magazine, Volum 34

Rogerson & Tuxford, 1809
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Side 197 - In the sweet shire of Cardigan, Not far from pleasant Ivor-hall, An old man dwells, a little man, I've heard he once was tall. Of years he has upon his back, No doubt, a burthen weighty; He says he is three score and ten, But others say he's eighty.
Side 197 - Few months of life has he in store As he to you will tell, For still, the more he works, the more Do his weak ankles swell.
Side 132 - When this was done, they returned with their booty about the rising of the sun, and made their doors and windows to triumph in the flowery spoil. The after part of the day was...
Side 197 - O Reader ! had you in your mind Such stores as silent thought can bring, O gentle Reader ! you would find A tale in every thing.
Side 133 - I find also, that in the month of May, the citizens of London (of all estates) lightly in every parish, or sometimes two or three parishes joyning together, had their several! Mayings, and did fetch in May-poles, with divers warlike shewes, with good archers, raorice-daocers, and other devises for pastime all the- day long ; and towards the evening, they had stageplaies, and bonefires in the streets.
Side 197 - His master's dead, and no one now Dwells in the hall of Ivor ; Men, dogs, and horses, all are dead ; He is the sole survivor. And he is lean and he is sick ; His body, dwindled and awry, Rests upon ankles swoln and thick ; His legs are thin and dry.
Side 198 - The tears into his eyes were brought. And thanks and praises seemed to run So fast out of his heart, I thought They never would have done. — I've heard of hearts unkind, kind deeds With coldness still returning; Alas! the gratitude of men Hath oftener left me mourning.
Side 272 - Civet, and other domesticated animals : as likewise the different species of feathered game, fishes and serpents, the whole interspersed with a variety of original, authentic, and curious anecdotes, taken from the manuscript and designs of Capt. Thomas Williamson, who served upwards of 20 years in Bengal ; the drawings by Samuel Howitt, made uniform in size, and engraved by the first artists, second ed., 2 vols., small folio, full red straight grained contemporary morocco, London 1819.
Side 56 - The defendant afterwards, under leave reserved at the trial, moved for and obtained a rule to shew cause why the verdict should not be set aside, and a new trial...
Side 256 - But the pack will be better out of your way," said he, " and safer, if you will be so kind as lock it by in some room or closet." She then led him into a low parlour, where he placed it carefully on two chairs, and went his way, wishing Alice a good night. When Alice and the pack were left together in the large house by themselves, she felt a kind of undefined terror come over her mind about it.

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