Sporting Magazine: Or, Monthly Calendar of the Transactions of the Turf, the Chase and Every Other Diversion Interesting to the Man of Pleasure, Enterprize, and Spirit, Volume 13

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Rogerson & Tuxford, 1824 - Hunting

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Page 304 - assigns, as his and their own proper goods and chattels for ever. And I, the said Frederick Saint John Viscount Bolingbroke, do, by these presents, constitute and appoint the said Thomas Robson my true and lawful attorney for me, and in my name, to give and deliver possession of the said horse unto the said Richard Tattersall, his executors, administrators, or assigns, according to the true
Page 304 - by these presents, that I, the Right Honourable Frederick Saint John Viscount Bolingbroke, for and in consideration of two thousand five hundred pounds of lawful money of Great Britain, to me in hand paid, by Richard Tattersall, of the Parish of Saint George, in the Liberty of
Page 228 - FROM Oberen, in fairy land, The king of ghosts and shadows there, Mad Robin, I, at his command, Am sent to view the night-sports here : What revel rout Is kept about, In
Page 218 - was a great deal among them."—" What do you think of this, then ?" said the King, who was by this time preparing to mount his favourite ; and without waiting for an answer, added, " We call him Perfection."—" A most appropriate name," replied the courtly herald, bowing as his Majesty reached the saddle, " for he bears the best of characters.
Page 124 - to punish them. A scrupulous adherence to truth, with the most religious attention to fulfil every engagement, became the distinguishing characteristic of a gentleman, because chivalry was
Page 124 - courage. More gentle and polished manners were introduced, when courtesy was recommended as the most amiable of knightly virtues. Violence and oppression decreased, when it was
Page 304 - day of March, in the nineteenth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord King George the Third, and in the. year of our Lord
Page 304 - now in training under the care of Thomas Robson, of the Valley, near Newmarket, in the County of Cambridge, groom, together with all my estate, right, title, interest, property, claim, and demand, whatsoever, of, in, and to the same,
Page 304 - hereby or intended to be hereby bargained and sold unto the said Richard Tattersall, his executors, administrators, and assigns, as his and their own proper goods and chattels
Page 228 - revell'd to and fro, And for my pranks men call me by The name of Robin Goodfellow. Friends, ghosts, and

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