St. Augustine Unleashed

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The confessions of St. Agustine needs to have it's volume turned way up. Only then may it's overflowing beauty and true wisdom be amplified to the hallowed place where both Protestants and Catholics shall finally esteem it as the greatest Christian classic that's ever been written. Nor does this timeless literature loose any of it's gusto even though it's almost a thousand years old. For it's more than clear to any Christ loving soul that Augustine had the heart of David as he poured out his contrite heart unto our Lord of Always. Neither should any believer fail to realize that this is a holy work which was wrought through many tears, while many fears were being rebuked in the name of Jesus Christ Almighty. And for anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of flipping through the following pages they have truly deprived themselves of some blessed food for their soul. For it's a fact that's written upon the most powerful winds of empowerment that the invaluable lessons that are contained herein helped to shape the future of our Lord's church in some drastic ways. For the golden words of Augustine have truly been a treasure that was inspired by the Holy Ghost as he was wonderfully moved by the anointing of a prophet. And it now obvious that there's never been a greater need for such an outstanding work of love. For it also goes without saying that these extremely turbulent times have been bringing forth the kind of terrible apostasy that could never possibly exist if people followed the words of this God fearing saint. And it's the belief of this author that every "umph" that's written within scripture can also be found within this following gold mine of sanctified thought. So if anyone claims to be a seeker of the truest kind of truths that can truthfully be laid out, this book is a must read!!! For there's very little Christian writing, aside from the New Testament, that shines with God's glory anywhere close to these thought provoking and heart wrenching confessions. So dare to go into the mind of Christ as this masterpiece of the ages is explored. And if anyone is brave enough to explore such bountiful blessings as this book contains it shall swiftly become most clear what St. Augustine meant when he wrote: "But in the former time we were moved to do evil, forsaking Thee; but Thou, the One, the Good God, didst never cease doing good. And we also have some good works, of Thy gift, but not eternal; after them we trust to rest in Thy great hallowing. But Thou, being the Good which needeth no good, art ever at rest, because Thy rest is Thou Thyself. And what man can teach man to understand this? or what Angel, an Angel? or what Angel, a man? Let it be asked of Thee, sought in Thee, knocked for at Thee; so, so shall it be received, so shall it be found, so shall it be opened. Amen." GRATIAS TIBI DOMINE

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