St Wulfsige and Sherborne: Essays to Celebrate the Millennium of the Benedictine Abbey, 998-1998

الغلاف الأمامي
Katherine Barker, Alan Hunt
Oxbow, 2005 - 248 من الصفحات
In April 1998 a one-day conference was held in Sherborne to mark the one-thousandth anniversary of the founding of the Benedictine Abbey by St Wulfsige through the granting of a charter by King Æthelred II. The papers presented here cover various aspects of the Benedictine foundation, as well as examining the history and archaeology of Sherborne in its wider context. Of particular importance in this volume is the inclusion of a new translation (the first complete one in English) of the Life of St Wulfige, written by Goscelin of Saint-Bertin not long after Wulfsige's death.

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Sherborne and the millennium
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