Stability Theory: Hurwitz Centenary Conference. Centro Stefano Franscini, Ascona, 1995

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Rolf Jeltsch, Mohamed Mansour
Springer Science & Business Media, Aug 28, 1996 - Mathematics - 249 pages
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This book contains the historical development of the seminal paper of Adolf Hurwitz, professor in mathematics at ETH (1892~1919), and its impact on other fields. The major emphasis, however, is on modern results in stability theory and its application in the theory of control and numerics. In particular, stability of the following problems is treated: linear, nonlinear and time-dependent systems, discretizations of ordinary and partial differential equations, systems with time delay on multidimensional systems. In addition robust stability, pole placement and problems related to the stability radius are treated. The book is an outgrowth of the international conference "Centennial Hurwitz on Stability Theory" which was held to honor Adolf Hurwitz, whose arti cle on the location of roots of a polynomial was published one hundred years ago. The conference took place at the Centro Stefano Franscini, Monte Verita, Ascona, Switzerland, on May 21~26, 1995. This book contains a collection of the papers and open problem:; discussed all that occasion. Leading researchers from allover the world working on stability theory and its application were invited to present their recent results. In one paper the historic development initiated by Hurwitz's article was discussed.

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The Hurwitz Matrix and the Computation of secondorder Information Indices
A Summary on the Real Stability Radius and Real Perturbation Values
The Hadamard Factorization of Hurwitz and Schur stable Polynomials
On the Cauchy index of a real rational function and the index theory of pseudolossless rational functions
A Generalization of the Orlando Formula Symbolic Manipulation Approach
On convex stability directions for real quasipolynomials
A Historical Review
Hurwitz Matrix for Polynomial Matrices
Adaptive control of nonminimum phase systems subject to unknown bounded disturbances
On the Robust Stability of TimeVarying Linear Systems
On the Computation of Stability Profiles
Robust Stability of Family of Polynomials with 1normbounded Parameter Uncertainties
On the Characterization and Formation of Local Convex Directions for Hurwitz Stability
Application of Quantifier Elimination to Solotareffs Approximation Problem
Stability of Time Discretization Hurwitz Determinants and Order Stars
Solving Stability Problems Using Quantifier Elimination

Twodimensional Hurwitz Polynomials
General Classes of ControlLyapunov Functions
Towards the stability of fuzzy control systems
Discrete Optimization Using Analog Neural Networks with Discontinuous Dynamics
Application to Robust and TimeVarying Stability
Stability of Numerical Methods for solving Differential Equations
A Fast Algorithm to Compute the Real Structured Stability Radius
Open Problems
Über die Bedingungen unter welchen eine Gleichung nur Wurzeln mit negativen reellen Theilen besitzt

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