Stained glass tours in France: by Charles Hitchcock Sherrill

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Page 289 - So sleep, for ever sleep, O marble Pair! Or, if ye wake, let it be then, when fair On the carved western front a flood of light Streams from the setting sun, and colours bright Prophets, transfigured Saints, and Martyrs brave, In the vast western window of the nave; And on the pavement round the tomb there glints A chequer-work of glowing...
Page 289 - What is this ? we are in bliss — -forgiven — Behold the pavement of the courts of Heaven ! Or let it be on autumn nights, when rain Doth rustlingly above your heads complain On the smooth leaden roof, and on the walls Shedding her pensive light at intervals The moon through the clere-story windows shines, And the wind washes through the mountain-pines.
Page 289 - Prophets, transfigured saints, and martyrs brave, In the vast western window of the nave ; And on the pavement round the tomb there glints A chequer-work of glowing sapphire tints, And amethyst, and ruby ; — then unclose Your eyelids on the stone where ye repose, And...
Page 69 - I pause, transfigured by some stripe of bloom, And my mind throngs with shining auguries, Circle on circle, bright as seraphim, With golden trumpets, silent, that await The signal to blow news of good to men.
Page 9 - Where does one find good stained glass in France, and how can it most conveniently be seen?
Page 87 - Here he will fall upon the account of the great Battle of Chalons, in which Attila, the "Scourge of God...
Page 9 - The reader should be indulgent, for the writer is not an authority on glass — just a lawyer on a holiday.
Page 167 - ... and it is greatly to be regretted that so few of them survived the stress of those battle-troubled days.
Page 201 - He piled three chairs; one on top of the other, climbed up, and there it was.

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