Standardizing the Sizes of Mail: Hearing[s] Ninetieth Congress, First Session, Volume 1

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Page 3 - Commission shall give interested persons an opportunity for the oral presentation of data, views, or arguments, in addition to an opportunity to make written submissions. A transcript shall be kept of any oral presentation.
Page 3 - ... different regulations. The confusion on the part of business as well as the public will be catastrophic if these standards have to be changed and changed again. We would now like to refer back to section 2 (a) (6) of HR 14029, and make a few observations on it. This section provides for a study of the feasibility of adopting size and dimension limits and other physical characteristics with respect to domestic mail matter consistent with those which are in effect, or which have the status of executory...
Page 12 - ... in the normal manner. I call your attention here that the term "normal manner" is rather vague and rather meaningless; it is, of course, here that we can make serious problems or even be clobbered. "Normal," of course, can be a manner determined by the Post Office, by the Postmaster General himself. These regulations will be issued, initially, as proposals with adequate opportunity for mailers to react and to adjust to final decisions.
Page 3 - ... title 39, United States Code, is amended — (1) by adding at the end thereof the following new section: " 4656. Nonstandard mail. "(a) Each piece of nonstandard airmail or of nonstandard mail of the first class, weighing not more than two ounces, is subject to an additional postage charge of two cents a piece.
Page 6 - The kind of comprehensive study we have in mind to arrive at a definition of standard letter mail would include consideration of the requirements of mailers, the characteristics of the manufacturing industry involved in producing stationery and envelopes, the economics of purchase and operation of postal machinery, and the degree of usage of various sizes at present. We see such a study as requiring as much as a year's time, during which period all interested parties would have an opportunity to...
Page 3 - ... by Chairman Olsen, we in the American Paper Institute are concerned about what appears to us to be a delegation by the Congress to the Post Office Department of what might be termed "blank check...
Page 3 - First, we want to go on record as agreeing with the concept of establishing size and dimension limits and other physical characteristics with respect to mail matter.
Page 3 - ... Thereafter proceedings shall be had on such proposed regulations pursuant to section 553 of title 5, United States Code, except that standards prescribed pursuant to this section shall not become effective until at least two years after the date the regulations in which they are set forth are published in the Federal Register and transmitted to the Congress by the Postmaster General. Mr. OLSEN. The subcommittee will come to order. This morning the subcommittee is resuming its hearings on the...

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