Standing with the Dead

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AuthorHouse, 2006 - 132 halaman
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Will You Stand? "Paul is dead! The blasphemer is dead!" shouts one of the men. "Drag his corpse to the edge of the city, for the fowls of the air and wild beasts to feed on ." shouts the executioner. Paul, the only man in history to be resurrected after being stoned. What happened? How did he do it? According to Luke, a physician, certain unnamed disciples stood around him and Paul got up; for the record, he not only got up, but reentered the place where he was executed. What would drive a person to such action? Who were these unnamed disciples? And what prompted them to stand with a dead man? Almost 3,000 years have transpired since the prophet Amos cried, "Woe unto them that are at ease in Zion!" And 2,000 years have passed since Jesus stated, "As disciples we must work while it is day for the night comes and no man can work." In this book, I will share with you personal and Biblical accounts that will help you in your Christian journey. More specifically, after reading this book, you will be inspired to guide the lost, feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, revive the dying, and yes.even stand with the dead! Praise for Standing with the Dead The Scriptural passage upon which Standing with the Dead is based is comprised of 40 words. But Clinton McRae, fueled by the creative genius of the Holy Spirit, has tapped into the life of these words and unearthed spiritual nuggets that can revive the dead and those who stand with them. --Rev. Juanita Weiss, M.A. President, Tidewater Bible College The provocative title of this book arouses one's passion to examine its contents. Once the reading begins, the passion intensifies and the reader is instructively transported through the riveting experiences of the book. Standing with the Dead is transparent, scholarly, spicy and elegant in style. --Professor Emeritus Katie C. Davis, Ph.D. Standing with the Dead will leave you challenged to stand where others have only dared and will lead you to find

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