State sanitation, Volume 2

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Harvard University Press, 1917
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Page 327 - examination there shall be found among such passengers any convict, lunatic, idiot or any person unable to take care of himself or herself, without becoming a public charge, . . . such person shall not be permitted to land.
Page 263 - (0.70 + 0.03/), where (V) is the velocity of the water in meters daily in a solid column of the same area as that of the sand, (c) is a constant factor which present experiments indicate to be approximately 1,000, () is the effective size of sand
Page 87 - line and main branches as it shall recommend to be constructed, with outlet. Third. To define the methods by which said cities and towns, or parts of any city or town, may utilize said trunk line and main branches as an outlet of a system of sewerage and drainage for said respective cities and towns, and said parts of cities and
Page 255 - AA 2 The final results are shown by the figures in italicized type in the last and third from the last columns. By plotting these figures (Fig. 13) we find that io per cent of the stones are less than 35 millimeters in diameter, and 60 per cent are less than 51 DIAMETER IN MILLIMETERS
Page 31 - II 4 18 Turbid 5 5 7 12 3 Very Turbid 6 4 10 2 No natural water which is exposed to the air and light, whether in pond or river, is ever entirely free from vegetable growth. The non-professional and non-botanical observer might very likely divide the various plants found growing
Page 129 - rise and fall together. We must conclude, therefore, that the rate of annual increase both in height and weight is different at different percentile grades, or, in other words, that large children grow differently from small ones, and moreover, that between the ages of eleven and fifteen years there is a striking difference in TABLE 20 VALUES OF M—A
Page 264 - increase as rapidly as the square of the effective size; and with coarse gravels the velocity varies as the square root of the head instead of directly with the head as in sands. The influence of temperature also becomes less marked with the coarse gravels.
Page 255 - through the lower and most important section, and very accurate results are obtained even with a smaller number of separations. Examples of Calculation of Results Following are examples of representative analyses, showing the method of calculation used with the different methods of separation employed with various materials. TABLE 40 ANALYSIS OF A GRAVEL BY HAND PICKING, 11,870
Page 140 - on the employees in Russian factories, and calculate the percentile rank of the children at successive ages when referred to Boston children as a standard. The result of this calculation is given in the table on the following page. An examination of this table shows that Italian children of both

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