Statistical Bulletin, Masalah 202-209

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The Department, 1957
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Halaman 7 - May 31 for Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, New Mexico, and California; July 1 to June 30 for all other States. ANNUAL PRICE SUMMARY, June 1970 - 175 Crop Reporting Board, SRS, USDA I- S.. rf Apr-. -т.: rere Т 1Ж— Т
Halaman 18 - ... of Low-Income Farmers." Low-income farms were classified on the basis of three criteria for State Economic Areas: (1) Farms in State Economic Areas average less than $1,000 residual farm income to operator and had farm-operator family level-of -living index below the regional average and 25 per cent or more of commercial farms classified as "low production." (2) Average farm-operator level-of-living index for the State Economic Areas was in the lowest fifth for the nation. (3) Fifty per cent...
Halaman 21 - Items selected to make up the index are; (1) Percentage of farms with electricity, (2) percentage of farms with telephones, (3) percentage of farms with automobiles, and (4) average value of products sold or traded in the year preceding the census. Although...
Halaman 21 - They do not cover all the goods, services, and other satisfactions that make up the level of living of families. However, many studies have shown that the various items are closely associated.
Halaman 19 - Virginia counties which are outside of urban labor market areas and have more than half of their populations in rural areas. The farm operator family level of living index reflects the average level of current consumption or utilization of goods and services. It is not identical with an income or expenditure level, which is more appropriate for urban areas. The measure is an index for an entire county which can be compared with those of other counties in the United States.
Halaman 21 - Farms with high gross incomes are obviously likely to have more income available for familyliving expenditures than farms with low gross incomes. And farm families with automobiles are more likely to be able to take advantage of various services located away from the farm, such as health facilities, libraries, and recreation, than those who do not own automobiles.
Halaman 21 - ... cover many aspects of farm family living. As a result, the indexes must be regarded as approximations. They will not, in every case, correctly show how one county compares with all other counties on a given date, nor will they measure exactly the changes in the 5-year period. Nevertheless, the various goods, services, and other satisfactions that make up the "level of living," as the term is generally used, are usually highly intercorrelated.
Halaman 19 - The level of consumption and utilization of goods and services during a specified period of time is not identical with an income or expenditure level since consumption expenditures may exceed or fall short of the income in the specified period, and...
Halaman 20 - ... farm operators of the county, and not to variations in the level of living present among individual families or persons. Difficult as is the problem of choosing items for an index of level of living when the unit is a county, it is considerably simpler than when the unit is an individual or a family. Unique deviations from common consumption patterns are not likely to affect a county average, whereas they might cause individuals or families to be incorrectly rated on a scale if it were not fairly...

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