Statistical Year-book of Canada

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Page 22 - Northwest ; commencement of hostilities at Duck Lake. April 2. Massacre at Frog Lake. April 14. Fort Pitt abandoned. April 24. Engagement at Fish Creek, May 12. Battle of Batoche, and defeat of the rebels. May 26.
Page 20 - American waters, for free interchange of the products of the sea, the soil, the forest and the mine ; it allowed Americans the use of the St. Lawrence river and Canadian canals on the same terms as British subjects, and gave to Canadians the right to navigate Lake Michigan.
Page 21 - Act passed by the Imperial Legislature. July 1. Union of the provinces of Canada. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick under the name of the Dominion of Canada.
Page 5 - There are large auriferous deposits, as well as silver, iron, graphite, ochre, brick and pottery clay, mica, gypsum, lime and sandstone, " while the petroleum area is so extensive as to justify the belief that eventually it will supply the larger part of this continent." Furs are at present the chief commercial products of this region, which is the last great fur preserve of the world, and in view of the great danger of the extinction of animals whose furs become fashionable...
Page 28 - All bills for appropriating any part of the public revbUis. enue, or for imposing any tax or impost, must originate in the House of Commons, and must first be recommended by the Governor General. Bills relating to other matters can be introduced in either House. The concurrence of the Governor General, the Senate and the House of Commons is necessary before any measure can become law Authority 49.
Page 407 - ... from the date of entry, unless entry shall have been made on or after the first day of September, in which case residence need .not commence until the first day of June following, and continue to live upon and cultivate the land for at least six months out of every twelve months for three years from date of perfecting the homestead entry.
Page 17 - Commencement of tin siege of Quebec. September 12. Battle of the Plains of Abraham and defeat of the French by General Wolfe, who was killed on the field. Loss of the English, 700, and of the French, 1,500. September 13. Death of General Montcalm, commander of the French forces. September 18. Capitulation of Quebec to General Townsend.
Page 132 - ... an allowance of eleven-fiftieths, and a further allowance of one-fiftieth for each additional year of service up to thirty-five years, when the maximum allowance of thirty-five-fiftieths may be granted, but no addition is made for any service over thirty-five years. TO whom 185.
Page 413 - The following persons are exempt from enrolment and active service at any time : Judges, clergymen and ministers of all religious denominations, professors in colleges and teachers in religious orders, the wardens and officials of all penitentiaries and lunatic asylums, persons physically disabled, and any person being the only son of a widow and her only support. Certain other persons are exempt from service except in case of war.
Page 463 - Siemens-Martin, or open-hearth process, or by the equivalent of either, or by the combination of two or more of the processes or their equivalents, or by any fusion or other process which produces from iron or its ores a metal either granular or fibrous in structure, which is cast and malleable, excepting what is known as malleable iron castings, shall be classed and denominated as steel.

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