Statutory Rules and Orders Other Than Those of a Local, Personal, Or Temporary Character, Part 1

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H.M. Stationery Office, 1905 - Delegated legislation

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Page 37 - the time being legal tender in the Protectorate. The expression " imprisonment of either description" means rigorous or simple imprisonment as provided in the Indian Penal Code or any law of the Protectorate. Words in the singular include the plural, and words in the plural include the singular. Article 3 of the East Africa Order in Council,
Page 127 - Fraud by a bailee, banker, agent, factor, trustee, director, member, or public officer of any Company. " 17. Obtaining money, valuable security, or goods by false pretences; receiving any money, valuable security, or other property, knowing the same to have been stolen or unlawfully obtained. " 18. (a.) Counterfeiting or altering money or bringing into circulation counterfeited or altered money.
Page 131 - substituted for the foregoing. "ARTICLE XIII. "If the individual claimed by one of the High Contracting Parties in pursuance of the present Treaty should be also claimed by one or several other Powers on account of other crimes or offences committed upon their respective territories, his extradition shall be
Page 131 - the official seal of the Minister of Justice, or some other Minister of the other State ; but any other mode of authentication for the time being permitted by the law of the country where the examination is taken may le substituted for the foregoing.
Page 129 - copy of the Judgment passed on the convicted person by the competent Court of the State that makes the requisition for extradition. " ARTICLE IX. " If the requisition for extradition be in accordance with the foregoing stipulations, the competent authorities of the State applied to shall proceed to the arrest of the fugitive.
Page 36 - At the Court at Buckingham Palace, the 10th day of February, 1905. PRESENT : The King's Most Excellent Majesty in Council. Whereas by Treaty, grant, usage, sufferance, and other lawful means, His Majesty has power and jurisdiction within the East Africa and Uganda Protectorates: And whereas by an Order in Council made the 19th day of May,
Page 217 - the Police Courts in the Metropolis,"* it was, amongst other things, enacted that it should be lawful for Her Majesty, with the advice of Her Privy Council, to alter the number of the Police Courts, and to order such changes to be made of the places in which they should be holden within the Metropolitan Police District as should be found expedient, and
Page 45 - shall be repealed. 25. Nothing in this Order shall affect any liability incurred, contract made, or other thing done before the commencement of the Order. And the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury, and the Most Honourable the Marquess of Lansdowne, KG, one of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, are to give the necessary directions herein.
Page 147 - complaint this day made to me by 6 That the above-mentioned dwelling-house is in a state so dangerous or injurious to health as to be unfit for human habitation, and* that the said dwelling-house is not reasonably capable of being made fit for human habitation
Page 60 - being Judges of County Courts, appointed to frame Rules and Orders for regulating the practice of the courts and forms of proceedings therein, having, by virtue of the powers vested in us in this behalf, framed the foregoing Rules and Orders, do hereby certify the same under our hands and submit them to the Lord Chancellor accordingly. Approved,

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