Statuvolism, or artificial somnambulism

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Religio-philosophical Publishing House, 1871 - 292 pages
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Page 168 - All these phantasms appeared to me in their natural size, and as distinct as if alive, exhibiting different shades of carnation in the uncovered parts, as well as in different colours and fashions in their dresses, though the colours seemed somewhat paler than in real nature.
Page 164 - At four in the afternoon, the form which I had seen in the morning re-appeared. I was by myself when this happened, and being rather uneasy at the incident, went to my wife's apartment, but there likewise I was persecuted by the apparition, which, however, at intervals disappeared, and always presented itself in a standing posture.
Page 150 - He now addressed himself to me; and asked me if I wished the boy to see any person who was absent or dead. I named Lord Nelson ; of whom the boy had evidently never heard ; for it was with much difficulty that he pronounced the name, after several trials. The magician desired the boy to say to the Sultan — " My master salutes thee, and;desiresthee to bring. Lord Nelson :: bring him before my eyes, that I
Page 146 - ... said that they were a boy not arrived at puberty, a virgin, a black female slave, and a pregnant woman. The chafing-dish was placed before him and the f" boy; and the latter was placed on a seat.
Page 166 - ... many other phantasms, sometimes representing acquaintances, but mostly strangers ; those whom I knew were composed of living and deceased persons, but the number of the latter was comparatively small. I observed the persons with whom I daily conversed did not appear as phantasms, these representing chiefly persons who lived at some distance from me.
Page 169 - Soon after their colour began to fade, and at seven o'clock they were entirely white. But they moved very little, though the forms were as distinct as before ; growing, however, by degrees, more obscure, yet not fewer in number, as had generally been the case. The...
Page 167 - They frequently did not come for some time, but always reappeared for a longer or shorter period, either singly or in company, the latter, however, being most frequently the case. I generally saw human forms of both sexes, but they usually seemed...
Page 147 - He then took one of the little strips of paper inscribed with the forms of invocation, and dropped it into the chafing-dish, upon the burning coals and perfumes, which had already filled the room with their smoke ; and as he did this, he commenced an indistinct muttering of words, which he continued during the whole process, excepting when he had to ask the boy a question, or to tell him what he was to say. The piece of paper containing the words from the Ckoor-a'n, he placed inside the fore part...
Page 148 - When he has done sweeping,' said the magician, ' tell me.' Presently, the boy said, 'He has done.
Page 167 - I was in company ; as well in the day as at night, and in my own house as well as abroad. They were, however, less frequent when I was in the house of a friend, and rarely appeared to me in the street. When I shut my eyes, these phantasms would sometimes disappear entirely, though there were instances when I beheld them with my eyes closed.

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