Staying Out

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M-Y Books Limited, Dec 1, 2012 - Comics & Graphic Novels - 445 pages
Set in London in the mid 1980's, this is the story of Christina O'Donnell, but prefers to be called Christy. Recently released from HMP Holloway, for her part in armed robbery, she is immediately placed into the custody of her long-suffering brother Barry. Barry's wife Linda is none too pleased with the arrangement, and scarcely approves of her sister-in-law's criminal activities. Christy was given eight years in prison, but after a period of hunger strikes, attempted suicide, and losing the child she was expecting, she is released after four years. Driven into crime in an endeavour to escape an impoverished existence, she meets the enigmatic gangster Rick Morelli, they embark on a crime spree of armed robbery and murder. During a raid on a Security Express van, a guard was killed. Morelli was supposedly killed during a shoot-out with police, and was said to have died in a fire in the caravan belonging to a Jewish man, Arnie Rosenbaum. Almost from the time of her release, Christy is aware of being watched. Rumour has it that she has some money stashed from the raids, which is in fact quite true. Now she is out she plans to get it. Not even Barry is aware of its existence. He is also observed by the irascible detective Inspector Victor Simmons, who believes he's also entitled to his share, after all the hours and manpower he's put in trying to capture the gang. Then there is local hard-man Alex Chadwell. He's the guy who got the gang put away in the first place. He too is after the money. The only guy Christy trusts is the man to whom she's trusted with the key to her safety deposit box where her money is. The man is Irish arms dealer Paddy McIlvaney. McIlvaney once sold arms to the IRA, and spent sometime in Ireland's Crumlin road jail. A man who is secretly in love with her, and with whom she has had sex. James Lascar is an ex-biker. He lives with his pregnant girlfriend, with whom he has a small child. Down on his luck, he encounters Christy as she's running away from Chadwell and his hoods. Jimmy strikes up a friendship with her, although he would prefer something more. But there is someone dogging Christy at every turn, someone who wants to see her back inside. Duped into visiting Chadwell's Rickmansworth house, Christy finds a woman there. A woman who has already killed Chadwell, and manages to frame Christy for his murder. She is holding the murder weapon when the police burst in and arrest her. She escapes, however, and goes to the Irishman for help in getting her money. It transpires that Morelli is still alive, and the woman who killed Chadwell is an ex-actress whom he uses to frame Christy. When Morelli takes her to a deserted farmhouse, attempts to incite Christy into pulling another robbery, Jimmy Lascar and Barry join forces to rescue her. Jimmy comes riding in on a powerful Kawasaki motorbike, he's borrowed from his Hell's Angel leader, with Meatloaf's 'Bat out of Hell' running through his mind.

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