Stepping Through

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First Edition Design Pub., 2011 - Biography & Autobiography
Attila Immigrates across the Soviet Union remembering his earlier life as a child in Hungary. Japan-The Gift. Arriving in Yokohama Attila discovers the "magical" life and the dark side of Japan by delivering a present to his new friend Ann. Austria-The Iron Curtain. Attila lives through an emotional rollercoaster facing again the communist police and soldiers at the Austrian Czechoslovak border. The Sauna--Gabe introduces to Attila the hardship and beauty of Austrian spa behavior. The Guardian - Finding Karen. Attila's angel in Vienna, he gets not just direction but help by her for his new life with the young handicap Bernadette. The Letter-With a language barrel Bernadette and Attila develops a unique relationship. Since the immigration Attila receives his first letter from his mom. -Julie--Attila and his new friend Julie enjoys the daily life of Vienna. Later Attila tries to find his angel unsuccessfully. -A New Trip-Attila and his new friend Tony discovering the life in the lager of immigrants. The life of uncertainty hitting hard on Attila and his experiment with hash takes him to a different dimension. -The Sound of Good Old Jazz" Good deals" on the street of Mariahilfer strasse. Tony and Attila meet face to face with illegal businesses on the streets of Vienna. Attila goes to an interview to the American Embassy where only one can succeed from a hundred applicants. United States-Welcome to United States. Arriving to Seattle, facing reality, no friends, no money, no family, Attila's anxiety and stress shock him with continuous panic attacks. -Sour Cream-The spotlessness and huge selection of the supplies of a grocery store made Attila speechless. He faces his first language barrier. -The Storm Blew Over- A Hungarian family invited Attila for a Christmas dinner To find the families address was Attila's biggest adventure for a year.-7thHeaven-Attila has a dream where he find answers for his future: understand show to take responsibility, choose wisely and how to succeed and become a grownup.-English as a Second Language-Attila has no money to study English but he can achieve a strange arrangement with the director of ASL program of Washington University. -My First Job- Finding his first job as a waiter Attila fight through the language barrier, but would he be able to keep it? Attila's schedule got crazy. Yin and Yang-Attila loses his job. Did he got lucky because his crazy schedule changed or is he unlucky because he doesn't have a job anymore? -The Joyride- Attila remembers the hardship of training. Attila bough this first car as he discovered how the world most advanced transportation system was determined over two thousand years ago by the width of a horse's ass. He receives his green card. California The Homeless Attila got robbed and without money or security he struggles as homeless the daily life of Los Angeles. He signs up for a dealer school. Air Force remembering the life as an Airforce soldier in the communist Hungary. West Meets East-Teaching Sky to swim Attila Fall in love with her. Adventure in Mexico. Love Love triangle. -Bingo--Cheating on the game of Bingo Attila discovers the inside life of prison in Seattle.-The Ritual-- How drinking Whisky helps Attila with his spiritual and physical cleansing. Sky and Attila faces the worst accident on the freeway. China - Hong Kong-Macao -Honeymoon-- Sky and Attila gets married on the Hollywood hills and discover the life of "East" in Macao and Hong Kong. The visitors- Attila invites his parents to America and the CIA shows up at his door. Act of God- One of the worst earthquake in Los Angeles at the crack of dawn of January 17, 1994. -IPO-- Initial Public Offering. Sky and Attila got fully involved with their company in the latest information revolution. -Hungary--Home-- Attila reaches back to his past, to his roots, visiting Hungary in the first time in15years.

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Amazing Life Story...
Stepping Through is a unique tale of one man's life. Attila Nemeti exposes the reader to experiences that seem unimaginable. The story of his struggle is engaging and eye
-opening to many things I've taken for granted by being born in the USA. A GREAT "fast"reading story. :-)  

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As an author I tend to think in unusual formations which acts out in different structures. In fiction I can move puzzles around; in the memoir I had to follow real life. We intelligent humans are the lucky being "vacationing" between nothingness for a very short period of time on planet Earth. I am one of the lucky ones.My life began on a Saturday evening on Valentines Day, 14 years after World War II. At a young age I dreamt to become an astronaut 'till my broken knee disqualified me. I grew up in Budapest Hungary studying Physical Education to become a swimming coach, the Art of Film to improve my visual culture and Psychology to understand instincts and intelligence. Afterward I wanted to teach not just a classroom of people, but I desired to share my thoughts with all.I surrounded my life with books and my favorite place to hang out was the gigantic, quite library of the Parliament. The books there alone couldn't fulfill my hunger for explanation so when communism and I could no longer coexist, and as I become a global emigrant, my wider search began for greater knowledge. My spiritual and mental travels made me wiser and with the physical experiences, all helped me to understand more about us ... humans. In the last 45 years I have been in 65 countries trying to comprehend the past and the present cultures of humanity. The human race is still tiptoeing in an infant shoes but I believe in us! The meaning of Intelligence is a problem solving capability, and that is one of the reasons why we are the dominant species of planet Earth and our children are the future.I am at the age when my curtains are closing and I choose to exit this life in a warm room in front of a fire place on a cold dawn of January, 2052 ... but I have to see what my ancestors have to say about that!

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