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Stereotypes is a book regarding first impressions we make in life about an individual whenever we meet them. We form an opinion about the person based on our previous experiences and continue adjusting our perceptions as we continue our journey. This book captures all types of stereotypes, its theoretical study and personal experiences of many people gathered using personal conversations or researched through the internet. This book should find a space in all category of readers who love to read individual personalities. Readers may relate some of the experiences as their own. This book covers most of the stereotypes related to individuals with their gender, skin color, hair color and its length, eyes color, geography, height, ascent, weight, education, and even for a group of individuals like politicians and children.

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Stereotypes Theoretical Models
Gender Specific Stereotype
Skin Related Stereotypes
Stereotypes About Height
Hair Colour Related Stereotypes
Stereotypes About Hair Length
Stereotypes Regarding Eye Colour
Country Specific Stereotype
Stereotypes Regarding Weight
Stereotypes Related To Accent Variations
Stereotypes Related To Group Of People
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Guruprasad is a practicing management consultant. He is born and raised in India but travels across the globe due to his nature of work. Guruprasad completed his master in engineering from one of the prestigious institute of India called Indian Institute of Technology. After working for couple of years in Middle East in engineering related field industry he went on completing his business post-graduation and shifted his focus from engineering to financial services industry. He has travelled across the globe for his work and have lived and studied many cultures Guruprasad has a 2 kids and a self-working wife and stays happily with his parents. Currently he is working in USA with one of best management consulting firm

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