Still More Brown County Stories: Recollections and Collected Tales

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AuthorHouse, Aug 14, 2009 - Fiction - 200 pages
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About The Book

Still More Brown County Stories

Recollections and Collected Tales


The purpose of this book, like the two previous volumes of

Brown County Stories, is to share some of the fun and interesting things that happened when I lived in Brown County.  Most of the stories were told to my five daughters around campfires and at many bedtime sessions as they were growing up.  After several years of story times I was once obliged to let my youngest daughter, Abby Monroe, know that I had told her everything I could remember or even make up.  Her response was, “OK, just start over.” The various accounts of these uncommon experiences were reinforced for Abby and her older sisters as they visited their grandmother in Nashville, the County Seat of Brown County.  From that base, they were able to explore the territory where the stories took place.  This volume includes some stories that were recently shared with me by friends who felt they would help to illustrate what Brown County was like in the good old days. They are as true as creative memories have allowed. span style="font-size: 11pt; line-height: 150%;"They also provide additional support for the maxim that truth is often stranger than fiction


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