Stories from the History of Rome

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Macmillan and Company, 1895 - Rome - 189 pages

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Page 83 - Bertuch, — bestowing upon him so energetic a slab in the side, that the captain, taken aback by the manoeuvre, fell flat on the ground. In an instant four active assistants, despatched by Goethe, seized on the dead man, and in spite of all his struggles, carried him off, to the great joy of the spectators." The following anecdote reminds us of Falstaff's correspondence with Mrs. Ford and Mrs. Page. The plain truth seems to be, that Goethe had been coquetting a little with two ladies at one time,...
Page 76 - Romans would have felt it a terrible disgrace if they had lost their standards, and rushed forward so eagerly to win them back that they broke the ranks of the yEqui, and so the battle was won.
Page 48 - O mother," he said as he raised her up, " what have you done ? You have gained a CAIUS MARCIUS AND HIS MOTHER. 49 great victory for Rome, but it will be ruinous to me. I go, conquered by you alone.
Page 91 - We think that we shall be better governed by you than by our own laws; nor shall you ever repent of your generosity, nor we of being under your government.
Page 29 - As he spoke he stretched out his right hand and thrust it into the fire that was burning near the king.

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