Stories of Our Lives: Queer Narratives from Kenya : from an Archive of Stories Collected for the 'Stories of Our Lives' Research Project

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NEST Arts Company Limited, 2015 - 317 pagine
In June 2013, Kenyan multidisciplinary group 'The NEST Collective' travelled across Kenya, recording over 250 personal accounts of persons identifying as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex in Kenya. This book presents a selection from the resulting archive - in an attempt to explore the consciousness, ambition and expression of many queer Kenyans in their daily interactions with family, friends, schools, workplace, religion and ideas of the future, and in diverse social contexts in Kenya. Through these stories, the self-representing queer Kenyan grants the reader permission to explore private and intimate worlds--where the vagaries of queer publicness, silence, intimacy, militancy and love happen.

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