Strains of the Mountain Muse

author, 1814 - 228 Seiten

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Seite 213 - This I give to thee, preserve thou my horses ; this to thee, preserve thou my sheep ; and so on.' After that, they use the same ceremony to the noxious animals : ' This I give to thee, O fox ! spare thou my lambs ; this to thee, O hooded crow ! this to thee, O...
Seite 170 - And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.
Seite 111 - I sigh for their dames, who may now take the veil ; For babes who the loss of their sires may bewail ; But while the great death-bell of Toledo tolls, And friars unceasingly pray for their souls, With this mystic clue, Made when Elfland was new, Who will not give praise in her own native land, To Elcine de Aggart for guarding the strand.
Seite 197 - Since you were married man and wife, By household brawls, or contentious strife; Or otherwise, in bed or at board, Offended each other in deed or word : Or since the parish clerk said Amen...
Seite 207 - All hail to the moon, all hail to thee ; I prithee, good moon, reveal to me This night who my husband shall be.
Seite 164 - One was turning a small stock, which was supported by two stakes standing perpendicularly, with a cleft at the top, in which the crown piece went round in the form a carpenter holds a chisel on a grinding stone; the other was holding a small branch of fir on that which was turning. Directly below it was a quantity of tow spread on the ground. I observed that this work was taken alternately by men and women. As I was turning about in order to leave them, a man whom I had seen before, laid his hand...
Seite 11 - I dwall amang the caller springs That weet the Land o' Cakes, And aften tune my canty strings At bridals and late-wakes: They ca' me Mirth; I ne'er was kend To grumble or look sour, But blyth wad be a lift to lend, Gif ye wad sey my pow'r An
Seite 213 - The rites begin with spilling some of the caudle on the ground, by way of libation: on that, every one takes a cake of oatmeal, upon which are raised nine square knobs, each dedicated to some particular being, the supposed preserver of their flocks...
Seite 213 - They cut a square trench in the ground, leaving the turf in the middle ; on that they make a fire of wood, on which they dress a large caudle of eggs, butter, oatmeal, and milk, and bring, besides the ingredients of the caudle, plenty of beer and whiskey : for each of the company must contribute something.
Seite 192 - Archibald) was no inferior actor. Many stories similar to those related of him are told of the most obnoxious of the persecutors, from which I have selected the following, recorded of the famous Grierson of Lagg. who, although represented by his contemporaries as having acted like a demon while upon earth, posterity allows to have performed one act of justice after his decease. A man in the parish of New Abbey, who had the lease of a farm from the Laird of Lagg, called on him one day to pay a considerable...

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