Strange But True: Canadian Stories of Horror and Terror

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Dundurn, Sep 1, 2007 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 240 pages
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This is a chilling collection of 50 accounts of truly unusual events and experiences that are told by the people who experienced them. Are there ghosts here? Yes. Are there strange coincidences here? Yes. Are there strange creatures of the forest here? Yes. Are there conspiracies here? Yes. Are there horors here aplenty? Yes, yes! The accounts come from many regions of Canada and cover the last hundred or so years. These fascinating first-person accounts originate in the columns of old newspapers or in the highly readable narratives derived from correspondence conducted by the author with present-day witnesses.

Shake hands with your fears and dreads. Here are engrossing and unsettling occurences that are supernatural or psychical, paranormal, or parapsychological, all betweent he covers of one book. Not for the faint of heart! Highly exciting reading!


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“Murday” the name that was written on the box, I don’t know how I found it, me and my dad were just digging up ground to make a new foundation in the yard, that’s when I found it. Sitting there not even two feet in the ground was a small cardboard box with the name “Murday” written on one of the top flaps, I didn’t want to tell my dad about it for he might have discarded it, so I took it out of the ground and ran inside. Curiosity and excitement were running through my head I couldn’t wait to open it and see what was inside, as I entered my room I sat on my bed getting more and more excited when finally I opened it. At first I was confused, the box had nothing but dirt inside, but then I shifted through the dirt and found things that were utterly disgusting, inside the box were several dead birds, heads severed and wings twisted in ways I don’t even want to describe, I didn’t want to search through the box anymore but something kept pushing me to. I shifted through some more and found a document, it read “My name is Murday, and I have buried this box in hopes that someone will find it and bring my memory back to life. I have buried several boxes like this one all over the country so my memory will live on in them, if you are reading this please spread the memory of me, don’t let me fade away.” I was shocked when I read this, millions of thoughts rushed through my head, “who was this Murday” I can’t get him off my mind, I can’t let his memory fade away, I won’t. Find the boxes, bring the memory of Murday back to life. 


Tropical Valley
Something So Utterly Bizarre
My Ghost Stories
Strange Happenings
Saw a Man Coming Towards Me
Ghosts on Parliament Hill?
Nazi Film
Interesting Experience
My Spiritual Encounters
AWeird Dread
Still Deal with the Spirit World
The Vanished Village
Myth as Nightmare

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Page 25 - Alliance movement, and in the Populist party; author of many published speeches and addresses, and of numerous books, including Atlantis, the Antediluvian World (1882), Ragnarok, the Age of Fire and Gravel (1883), and The Great Cryptogram, Francis Bacon's Cipher in the so-called Shakespeare Plays (1888). He lived many years at Nininger, a few miles west of Hastings, and was often called "the Sage of Nininger.
Page 12 - ... electricity came in; but surely this is to misapprehend the nature of the ghostly. What drives ghosts away is not the aspidistra or the electric cooker; I can imagine them more wistfully haunting a mean house in a dull street than the battlemented castle with its boring stage properties. What the ghost really needs is not echoing passages and hidden doors behind tapestry, but only continuity and silence. For where a ghost has once appeared it seems to hanker to appear again; and it obviously...
Page 11 - true," that it "had really happened," in it went; and can it be only by accident that the one story in this large collection which is even faintly striking and memorable is the one with an apologetic footnote to the effect that the editor had not been able to trace it to its source? Sources, as a matter of fact, are not what one needs in judging a ghost story. The good ones bring with them the internal proof of their ghostliness; and no other evidence is needed.
Page 12 - What is most to be feared is that these seers should fail; for frailer than the ghost is the wand of his evoker, and more easily to be broken in the hard grind of modern speeding-up. Ghosts, to make themselves manifest, require two conditions abhorrent to the modern mind: silence and continuity. Mr. Osbert Sitwell informed us the other day that ghosts went out when electricity came in; but surely this is to misapprehend the nature of the ghostly. What drives ghosts away is not the aspidistra or the...
Page 8 - Images have their own potency and their own persistence; they testify to human need and desire, but also to a transcendent frontier that marks either a limit to the human, or a limitlessness that may be beyond the human.

About the author (2007)

John Robert Colombo, Canada's Mr. Mystery, is editor of such collections of horrifying tales as Mysterious Canada, The Midnight Hour, and The Terrors of the Night. He is an advisor to the Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society and a consultant to the Ontario Skeptics Society for Critical Inquiry. He is also known as the Mater Gatherer for compilations like The Penguin Book of Popular Canadian Quotations.

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