Studies in French Education from Rabelais to Rousseau

The University Press, 1908 - 240페이지

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209 페이지 - STERN Daughter of the Voice of God ! O Duty ! if that name thou love Who art a light to guide, a rod To check the erring, and reprove ; Thou, who art victory and law When empty terrors overawe, From vain temptations dost set free, And calm'st the weary strife of frail humanity!
122 페이지 - Je consens qu'une femme ait des clartés de tout, Mais je ne lui veux point la passion choquante De se rendre savante afin d'être savante; Et j'aime que souvent aux questions qu'on fait, Elle sache ignorer les choses qu'elle sait; De son étude enfin je veux qu'elle se cache, Et qu'elle ait du savoir sans vouloir qu'on le sache, Sans citer les auteurs, sans dire de grands mots, Et clouer de l'esprit à ses moindres propos.
8 페이지 - If every action which is good or evil in man at ripe years were to be under pittance, and prescription, and compulsion, what were virtue but a name, what praise could be then due to well-doing, what gramercy to be sober, just, or continent?
176 페이지 - Let no man think that sudden in a minute all is accomplished and the work is done; — Though with thine earliest dawn thou shouldst begin it scarce were it ended in thy setting sun.
68 페이지 - Learning must be had, but in the second place, as subservient only to greater qualities. Seek out somebody that may know how discreetly to frame his manners: place him in hands where you may, as much as possible, secure his innocence, cherish and nurse up the good and gently correct and weed out any bad inclinations, and settle in him good habits. This is the main point, and this being provided for, learning may be had into the bargain, and that, as I think, at a very easy rate, by methods that may...
191 페이지 - En ce qu'ils ont de commun ils sont égaux ; en ce qu'ils ont de différent ils ne sont pas comparables.
161 페이지 - Nous naissons foibles , nous avons besoin de forces ; nous naissons dépourvus de tout, nous avons besoin d'assistance; nous naissons stupides, nous avons besoin de jugement. Tout ce que nous n'avons pas à notre naissance , et dont nous avons besoin étant grands , nous est donné par l'éducation.
46 페이지 - We call those studies liberal which are worthy of a free man; those studies by which we attain and practice virtue and wisdom; that education which calls forth, trains, and develops those highest gifts of body and of mind which ennoble men, and which are rightly judged to rank next in dignity to virtue only.
165 페이지 - Th' applause of list'ning senates to command, The threats of pain and ruin to despise, To scatter plenty o'er a smiling land, And read their hist'ry in a nation's eyes...
56 페이지 - And as for the Latin or Greek tongue, everything is so excellently done in them that none can do better. In the English tongue contrary, everything in a manner so meanly, both for the matter and handling, that no man can do worse.

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