Studies in the Book of Galatians

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In the July 25, 1899, issue of the Adventist Review and Sabbath Herald, the co-editor Alonzo T. Jones wrote: "Several letters have been received asking what law is the subject of consideration in the book of Galatians."His answer was: "Not any law at all; it is the gospel that is the subject, and the whole subject, under consideration in the book of Galatians."Thus he began an in-depth series of studies that lasted sixteen months. The results are faithfully reproduced here for use in your study and personal growth.

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Alonzo T. Jones (1850-1923) heard the Adventist message while serving in the United States Army in the State of Washington. He began at once to study history as it related to prophecy, a theme of much of his writing of articles and books. This study also prepared him for his activity on the subject of religious liberty. He participated in the hearings of the Blair Sunday bill in 1889 and became editor of "The American Sentinel." Elder Jones was a powerful speaker and one of the strong voices in the revival of 1888 within the Adventist denomination. For a short time he was a Bible teacher at Healdsburg College. From 1897-1901 he was the editor of the Review and Herald, and he served on the staff of the Signs of the Times. Author of The Empires of the Bible, The Consecrated Way to Christian Perfection, The Great Empires of Prophecy, The Two Republics, and The Third Angel's Message.

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