Studies of Instruction in the Austin, Minnesota, Public Schools

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Page 56 - WILSON, GM, A Survey of the Social and Business Uses of Arithmetic.
Page 2 - With the present system of classifying and promoting pupil?, there is a large number of pupils who do not seem to be able to do the work of the grades as it is at present arranged.
Page 4 - ... the percentage of pupils in each half grade who are underage, normal age, and overage for the grades in which they were classified on September i, 1921.
Page 1 - ... elementary schools, as well as in the junior and senior high schools.
Page 36 - Reports of experimental studies in reading may be found by reference to such educational publications as The Journal of Educational Psychology, The Journal of Educational Research, The Elementary School Journal, The School Review, and school survey reports.
Page 2 - The question may well be raised, at this point, as to whether...
Page 76 - In these scales a pupil's score has a definite meaning; namely, the difficulty-value of tasks that can be done with a correctness of 50 per cent.
Page 64 - The words were drawn from the second and third thousand most commonly used words as determined by various studies.
Page 64 - According to the author of the test, this is a sufficient number of words to secure a reasonably reliable measure of the spelling ability of a class.
Page 4 - A pupil who is younger than the normal age for the grade in...

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