Stumbling in Darkness: Separated from God

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iUniverse, Dec 28, 2010 - Biography & Autobiography - 180 pages
The title: "Stumbling in Darkness ~ Separated from God (A journey to the Light) a life summarized. May this book inspire you to seek the LORD God, read His Wordthe Holy Bible, and get to know Him as He reveals Himself to you through the Spirit in Jesus Christ. It is Gods will for all of us to know Him and receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior. In both Testaments God says, I will be their God and they will be My children. (Lev 26:12) - (Rev 21:7) this statement is repeated many times. God desires to have a relationship with each one of us. Hes long suffering patiently waiting for us to come to Him. However, He has a set year, month, day and time when the waiting ends. Take an honest look at yourself and ask do you know the love of God? Do you know Jesus Christ personally? Is your name written in The Book of Life? Are you a slave to addictions, lost in sinful desires? Will you be welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven? Do you put everyone and everything before and above God? We are living in what Scripture calls "the last days" the end of life as we know it. Though it is a world without endas we know itis becoming a memory.

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Laura's first published work is a poem in the collection - Twilight Musings. Winning 'Editor's Choice' - it was selected to be read over music on CD. An accomplished author, she dedicates her life leading others to the cross. Boldly sharing her struggle in sin to fill a void - blind to the answer that was close to her heart all along. Today she's, a guest speaker on TV ministries, groups; a Bible Study teacher, she loves talking to anyone, especially youths regarding issues she's overcome in Christ! Laura was the sole owner/operator of the first Day Spa in her N. Dallas town before their popularity; a divorced mother of a daughter with Annorexia/Bulemia. She's endured trials most of her life; 30-years of chronic pain, thus, an expert in narcotics and anxiety; plus...rape/sexual, physical, emotional abuse; abortion, the death of her sister, (her only sibling). A cancer survivor of 3-years when hit by a car and deemed 'disabled' - on SSI & food stamps. Neglected, rejected, and hurt by family loved and trusted - abusing self to mask the pain, yet she never lost faith! Believing in God from childhood, but didn't know Him; thus the life she created was built on sand. In the storm of cancer at age 38, she read Scripture for the first time. After a few short years and countless hours of study, she is a born-again woman growing in the image of Christ! Today, Laura has victory over ALL she suffered--the temptation of old habits--even persecution for His Name. The title: "Stumbling in Darkness ~ Separated from God” (A journey to the Light) Laura’s life summarized. Prompted by the Holy Spirit--the real author of the book--Laura was God's tool used to lead by His Spirit, experience, and faith, those who don't know the LORD, misunderstand His will, or who think its too late for them. In admitting her faults; low self-esteem, wrong mind-set, poor choices, hence, a sinful life--God's power and desire to change the 'least worthy' of us, reveals His tender-hearted mercy, patience, and love--and He is worthy of all praise and glory! Laura's had and lost it all. Lived without God and now...God's Spirit dwells in her. Despite circumstances, she's filled with peace, inner joy, and love of the Lord Jesus Christ...born-again...a blessed child of The Most High God.

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