Suggestive List of Books for a Small Library: Recommended by the League of Library Commissions, Part 1

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1905 - Best books
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Page 9 - American publishers' association, raised the average price of books purchased in 1902 to 98.8 cents per volume, which was over 10 per cent greater than it had been for six years. Systematic omission of all but the most needed net books, importation of foreign books, and buying from clearance lists and little-used second-hand stock, have in 1903 again reduced the average price per volume to 78.6 cents. A small library can hardly...
Page 5 - New libraries are constantly importuned by book agents and publishers to buy expensive sets of books. The experience of most small libraries proves that very few sets of large volumes are much used. Those that are necessary can ordinarily be purchased from the dealers at a considerable discount from the price made by the book agents.
Page 20 - L.) The plain facts as to the trusts and the tariff, with chapters on the railroad problem and municipal monopolies.
Page 5 - An incomplete set may be completed as opportunity arises or occasion requires. A very small library will need only a few of the best works of each author. When there is a choice of bindings plain and substantial ones should be selected. Good cloth bindings will last for years, and when worn the books may be rebound in...
Page 11 - In the hope of helping the libraries of the state to build up reference collections of magazines, the Commission has established a clearing house for periodicals. It is the purpose of the clearing house to supply volumes or parts of volumes needed by libraries to complete sets. In return the libraries are expected to send all duplicates to the clearing house, that other libraries may be likewise benefitted.
Page 45 - stories of the pioneers between the Alleghanies and the Mississippi and in the Texan Republic.
Page 23 - Ragozin (ZA) Frithjof, the Viking of Norway, and Roland the Paladin of France.
Page 41 - Bismarck. Headlam, JW Bismarck and the foundation of the German empire. (Heroes of the nations) Putnam $1.50 Best general survey of public life and character.
Page 11 - ... work in the schools; the Forum, North American Review and Outlook for the high school debating societies; the Century, Harper's monthly and Scribner's magazine for travel, art and literature clubs. COLLECTING PERIODICALS. A systematic collection of periodicals should be made in every town. Libraries will find that a great amount of material will be discovered by advertising the needs of libraries through the newspapers, the women's clubs, and the young people of the high school. The beginning...
Page 4 - Books may be disapproved for various reasons : some are unsuited for general library use on account of bad print, careless proofreading, inferior paper, poor binding or paper covers ; some on account of their too scholarly or technical character or great cost ; some are ill adapted to a special community ; others are partisan in their tone, or superseded by later and more reliable works. Many that have considerable popularity may be called "weak...

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