Summary of the administration of the Indian government, by the marquess of Hastings, during the period that he filled the office of governor general

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Page 32 - I contemplated was the pushing forward unexpectedly several divisions, which should occupy positions opposing insuperable obstacles to the junction of the army of any State with that of another ; even subjecting to extreme peril any Sovereign's attempt to assemble the dispersed corps of his forces within his own dominions, should we see cause to forbid it.
Page 10 - The present unreserved acknowledgment of our supremacy throughout India will scarcely leave credible the then existence of a relative position, which could occasion my being met in council by a representation, that a remonstrance of the above nature might be offensive to *Scindiah, and that nothing ought to be ventured which could give him umbrage. • Such, however, was at that period on either side the estimate of British power.
Page 49 - ... directions, was in every case so respectfully tendered by the British agent, as not to hazard a wound to pride. Thence it was easy, where no acknowledged usages stood in the way, to establish principles between the sovereign and the subject advantageous to both, giving to those principles a defined line of practical application, a departure from which would afford to either party a right of claiming the intervention of our paramount power. While the sovereign had his legitimate authority and...
Page 52 - To compensate for such a delay, which I affected to consider as accidental, I pressed that the corps should be employed in extinguishing certain mischievous associations in Scindiah's territories. The description applied npt only to some bands of avowed robbers, but to a particular class denominated Thugs. This nefarious fraternity, amounting, by the first information, to above a thousand individuals, was scattered through different villages often remote from each other ; yet they pursued with a...
Page 21 - Talochdars to have fortified residencies, where the treasure was lodged, as collected for ultimate remittance to the treasury of Gwalior. The permission for maintaining a fortress necessarily included a garrison, which, from vanity or views of depredation, had, in every instance, been carried far beyond what the duties of the place required. It is probable that these Talochdars had been looking forward to a time when they might cast off their allegiance to the Mahratta rule, and render themselves...
Page 40 - Donkin's division at the back of the other pass, Scindia was reduced to the dilemma of subscribing the treaty which I offered to him or of crossing the hills through bye-paths, attended by the few followers who might be able to accompany him, sacrificing his splendid train of artillery (above one hundred brass guns) with all its appendages, and abandoning at once to us his most valuable possessions.
Page 28 - ... under the unusual weight in the deep roads through which they had to pass. Therefore, we never sat down before a place of real strength, furnished with the means which a proper calculation would have allotted for its reduction. Sensible of this injurious deficiency, I had with the utmost diligence instituted a transport train ; and it was in reliance on its efficiency that I assured the Council of the short resistance which Hattrass should offer. Expedition no less than secrecy was important,...
Page 57 - there is a visible immediate profit ; but then there is loss of an advantage which we Mahrattas think inestimable, that of having a finger in every man's dish." All the vices of administration which reigned in Scindiah's dominions, existed no less rootedly within the Poonah state, and that of Nagpore. The population, therefore, in each of those States, as likewise in Holkar's territory, was extraordinarily benefited by the issue of the contest. In the districts which were retained for the Honorable...
Page 112 - I have sought to shew, that, in a crisis of unparalleled complication, extent and difficulty, the exertion in which the fulfilment of my obligation consisted, was not forborne. The issue will bear out my pretension. For the settlement of such a violently disturbed mass will never be referred to chance, but will be attributed to the efforts, which, however they might be deficient in judiciousness, must have been anxiously pondered, consistent, and indefatigable.
Page 40 - Jumna, there was a military defect in the situation, to which it must be supposed the Maharajah had never adverted. About twenty miles south of Gwalior, a ridge of very abrupt hills, covered with the tangled wood peculiar to India, extends from the little Scind to the Chumbul, which rivers form the flank boundaries of the Gwalior district and its dependencies.

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