Sun of gOd: Discover the Self-Organizing Consciousness That Underlies Everything

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Weiser Books, May 1, 2009 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 256 pages
In Sun of gOd, cultural pioneer and bootstrap philosopher Gregory Sams takes a fresh look at our solar benefactor. As Sams sees it, the Sun is a living, conscious being, fully aware of itself and its place in the universe. Simply put, the Sun of gOd communicates with other conscious beings on all levels with an intelligence that dwarfs our own. Sun of gOd explores exciting new ground, adding a crucial piece to the jigsaw-puzzle picture we have of our cosmos. Sams considers God, gods, notions of divinity, our place in the firmament, the intelligence of light, feedback, free will, electro-magnetism, crystals, fractals, macrobiotics, the four elements, and the self-organizing force that seems to crop up everywhere, perhaps powering everything. “Could it really be that the universe waited 13,698 billion years—until we came along—to manifest the phenomenon of consciousness and made ours the only type of vessel able to experience it?” Sams thinks not. Citing David Bohm’s discovery that even on the subatomic level of electrons there appears to be intention and choice, Sams goes on to imagine that creative intelligence may be a bottom-up system in which “everything, from a molecule of water to a neuron in our brain to the Sun itself, is a part of the bottom that is subtly steering a greater whole.” The implications are startling and in harmony with science, logic, and common sense. They smoothly join the microcosm to the macrocosm, revealing a universe incorporating both intelligence and design, without an Intelligent Designer.

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Have only read a few pages, but it is an enlightening view! - explains many things, and helps one to 'see' behind all the clues, beliefs and myths that exist today.
Though I grew up a church going
Catholic, I have for many years become disillusioned, sceptical and cinical about the doctrine of the main religions within the world. To me, they all now seem 'created by man' to provide a lever of control of the masses, and to provide an excuse for exploitation, suffering and human greed.
It is refreshing to have something else to pin religion and divinty on, other than people perporting to be divine, who have since proven themselves to be only men, seeking power and control.
Perhaps the view containned within this book will be a new beginning of understanding, which could help towards the mightly shift humanity needs to get 'back in tune' with the world we all live on.
David Samuel - Bussinessman & Entrepreneur


From nothing to now maybe we just got lucky
What is this? wed not be here without it
One many or both? a question of divinities
How great how knowing? less than we are told
Religion is it hardwired into being human?
Organized religion maybe one of them has got it right
first faith perhaps our instincts make more sense
SunofgOd our local life transmitter
Universe the all in all is One
Chaos the invisible architect controlling it is not the way to order
The four elements they shape the cosmos
The biggest question well never answer this
Water inanimate active and alive
Transmute to live the food of life
Special people us amazing newcomers

Say hello back getting in touch
Stars is there content to the twinkle?

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About the author (2009)

Gregory Sams has been changing the culture from the age of 19, when he co-founded SEED, the UK’s first natural and organic restaurant in 1960's London. It led to Ceres Grain store, where customers could buy these foods to cook at home. Within a few years he had created the nation's first natural and organic food enterprises, including Whole Earth Foods. He was founder publisher of Harmony Magazine, to which John Lennon dedicated an eight-frame cartoon, and co-published Seed, the Journal of Organic Living. In 1982 he created and christened the original VegeBurger, initiating the market for vegetarian food. In 1990 he founded Strange Attractions, the world’s only shop ever dedicated to new science “chaos theory.” His interest in that science planted the seeds of this book in Gregory’s mind. Visit Sams at He lives in London. 

Graham Hancock is the author of the international bestsellers The Sign and The Seal, Fingerprints of the Gods, and Heaven's Mirror. His books have sold more than five million copies.

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