Super Sinnoh Sticker Book

Front Cover
Scholastic Inc., 2009 - Juvenile Nonfiction - 48 pages
Gotta read 'em all! Scholastic's publishing program is geared to appeal to Pokémon fans of all ages.

All of Sinnoh's Pokémon are packed into this cool sticker book! You'll find everything you need to keep track of your collection, plus stickers of all the latest Legendary Pokemon. Over 150 stickers in all.

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Common terms and phrases

_____________________________________________________________________ Bagworm _____________________________________________________________________ Bugworm Pokémon _____________________________________________________________________ Duck Pokémon _____________________________________________________________________ Kite Pokémon _____________________________________________________________________ LEGENDARY POKÉMON _____________________________________________________________________ My Pokémon’s _____________________________________________________________________ The coolest Aipom Azelf Bagworm battle Brock Bug Height Bug-Flying Height Buizel Buneary BURMY BURR-mee Type Carnivine CASCOON catching Pokémon Chimchar Combee coolest thing Croagunk Dawn Dawn’s Dialga Dragon-Ground Height Electric Height Enchanted Honey Fighting Height Fish Pokémon Frost Tree Pokémon Garchomp Ghost-Poison Height GIRATINA Glameow Grass Height Gyarados Head Butt Pokémon Height:1 Jellyfish Pokémon lbs My Pokémon’s Magikarp Meowth Mesprit Mismagius Normal Height Normal-Flying Height Onix Owl Pokémon Pachirisu Pikachu Piplup Poison-Dark Height Poison-Flying Height Pokémon _____________________________________________________________________ Pokémon Fire Horse Pokémon journey Pokémon LEGENDARY POKÉMON Pokémon My Pokémon’s Pokémon’s favorite attacks Psi Pokémon Psychic Height PSYDUCK Rabbit Pokémon Regigigas Rock Height Rock Pokémon Rock-Ground Height Sea Slug Pokémon SHAYMIN Skuntank Sky Forme Spiritomb Staravia Team Rocket there’s Torterra Trainer Uxie Vespiquen Water Height Water-Flying Height Water-Ground Height Weight WORMADAM WURR-mah-dam Type

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