Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Volume 15

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Franklin Henry Martin
Franklin H. Martin Memorial Foundation, 1912 - Gynecology
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Page 364 - surgery and allied subjects, in the nature and causes of disease and the methods of its prevention and treatment, and to make knowledge relating to these various subjects available for the protection of the health of the public and the improved treatment of disease and injury. The
Page 92 - In hernias of the uterine appendages, as in all other hernias, the ideal time for operation is previous to the development of degenerative or other pathological states in the herniated organ or organs, and previous to the occurrence of any of the various complications incident to hernias. Early operations give the most satisfactory results.
Page 69 - c. Physiological or pathological states which distend the abdominal cavity, which stretch the abdominal parietes, and widen the orifices normally present in the muscular and aponeurotic layers of the abdominal wall. Enteroptosis, obesity, abdominal tumors, ascites, pregnancy, etc., can be regarded as predisposing and exciting causes to hernia production.
Page 70 - Most often the traumatism does not cause the hernia, but only reveals its existence. Among traumatisms must be mentioned abdominal operations and their sequelae. Pathologic adhesions of viscera or omentum to the anterior parietal peritoneal wall near a hernial opening may act as a predisposing cause. d. Enteroceles, epiploceles, and enteroepiploceles.
Page 92 - Clinical conditions so closely simulating hernias of the uterine appendages that a positive diagnosis without operation appears impossible, should be subjected to operative treatment. Only benefit can be derived from adherence to this rule. A diagnosis is established, and a cure is effected.
Page 62 - due to nephritis. 6. Nephrotomy is the operation of choice, because it allows a thorough examination of the kidney, and also for the reason that it accomplishes exactly what the operation of multiple ligature does in the treatment of varicosities in other portions of the body, in that six of the main connecting and collecting venous
Page 187 - Not getting as good final results, as a whole, as I desired, in 1898, after a few years of experimenting from the abdominal side, I published 2 a second method. The procedure is in all essentials an abdominal hysterectomy by amputation at, or below, the internal os. The points to be observed are:
Page 90 - in primiparae, and in multiparae. No age is exempt. No race is immune. 8. According to their anatomical site, hernias of the uterine appendages are designated as post-operative, ventral, gluteal, sciatic or ischiadic, obturator, femoral and inguinal. 9. Clinically, these hernias are reducible, irreducible, non-inflamed, inflamed, strangulated, or their pedicle may be the seat of torsion.
Page 532 - pad are two bursal sacs, each one-half inch in diameter and filled with a clear, thick fluid resembling the contents of a ganglion. These two bursal sacs are situated side by side, the outer one between the external condyle of the femur and the external tuberosity of the tibia, and the inner, between the internal condyle and
Page 187 - the round ligament in the first ligature on each side of the uterus. 2. To place this ligature as near the pelvic wall as possible so as to leave but a small amount of broad ligament behind with the stump.

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