Surviving the Coming Tax Disaster: Why Taxes Are Going Up, How the IRS Will Be Getting More Aggressive, and What You Can Do to Preserve Your Assets

Front Cover, 2010 - 328 pages
The most recognizable tax expert in the nation, Roni Lynn Deutch has helped save American taxpayers tens of millions of dollars from the clutches of the IRS. Owner of the nation's largest tax-resolution firm and a new tax-preparation franchise, Deutch knows the IRS has no problems taking advantage of taxpayers who might be uninformed about tax laws or who are unable to pay due to financial troubles. And the IRS pressure is only going to get worse. With almost $2 trillion in government bailout money approved by Congress for 2008 and 2009 in addition to a hefty stimulus package, you better believe Uncle Sam has no intention of being stuck with the tab. So how is the government going to get that money? Through taxes, of course, and the IRS is going to audit people at unprecedented rates. And they are going to raise the rates on existing taxes to historically high levels. If you're behind on your taxes, the government is coming after you. Millions of Americans may be down on their luck and hurting financially, but the IRS, whose sole purpose is to confiscate the assets of American taxpayers, will seek you out, regardless of your ability to pay. It's up to you to protect yourself, and that's where the Tax Lady comes in. Deutch identifies what the IRS can do to you if you fall behind on your taxes - wage garnishments, tax levies and liens, interest and penalties, and ruined credit - and how you can prevent these things from happening or fight back if they do. In the book; Why your taxes are going to rise in this economy Steps to avoid getting yourself into back taxes Your options when confronted by the IRS When to file and how to balance withholdings When it's not a situation you can handle yourself and is time to see a professional Get a bailout of your own - Surviving the Coming Tax Disaster will show you how!

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