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P. A. Norstedt & söners förlag, 1889 - English language - 1360 pages

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Page 234 - ... is, dull when the sun is obscured by clouds, and gloomy when the atmosphere is darkened by fogs or thick clouds. Dismal denotes not merely the want of that which is necessary, but also the presence of that which is repugnant to the senses; as a glare of light or a sound may be dismal.
Page 460 - It is possible, therefore, for a thing to be whole and not entire; and to be both, and yet not complete: an orange cut into parts is whole while all the parts remain together, but it is not entire. Hence we speak of a whole house, an entire set, and a complete book.
Page 466 - To His Grace The Duke of Norfolk *. Commencement. My Lord Duke, Conclusion. I have the honor to be, My Lord Duke, Your Grace's most devoted, and obedient Servant, * The formal style of Dukes, though not used in epistolary addresses, is
Page 420 - ... necessity. Permit me, Madam, to seize this opportunity of expressing the highest veneration and esteem (which is what I only share in common with the rest of the world) for your truly valuable and amiable conduct : allow me to add, that no one can be with more perfect respect or with greater truth than I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Ladyship's most obedient and most humble servant, BRISTOL. THE DUKE OF GRAFTON TO THE COUNTESS OF CHATHAM. Grosvenor Square, July 31, 1767. THE Duke of Grafton's...
Page 35 - I tell you again, make hay while the sun shines — strike while the iron is hot — clench the nail.
Page 429 - Andes namn, in the name of theFather and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost; ~* valnignelse of mat, plenty (en.
Page 40 - ... obligation. And just as I was preparing to say adieu, the devil sent me an attack of rheumatism. It was Aunt Mouroy's old cook, Adelma, who heard it in the market, that Theodora was very ill. I bounded from my bed when she told me. 'What! Theodora given up by her physician! Not twenty-four hours to live! I do not believe it! I do not believe a word of it!
Page 417 - Of other care they little reckoning make, Than bow to scramble at the shearers' feast, Ami shove- away the worthy hidden guest!
Page 186 - Latin word for wedding, but is used in a more dignified sense— we uy a village wedding, but the nuptial* of a prince; matrimony is the married state, or the state into which marriage brings us; wedlock is the Anglo-Saxon or vernacular English won!
Page 254 - Inhabltmnti and all traces of habitation, by violent means : desolation is solitude coupled with wrctchednesa ; every country may become desolate which Is exposed to the inroada of« ravaging army, and a person may be desolate who feels hluiself unable to associate with others.

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